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Health Group Novemberl 2019 Update

Members are advised to read the report above which contains a concise update of current Deerhound Club Health Projects, and links to forms required where appropriate.


Completed Health Projects

Competed Health Projects are available here

Information for Breeders

Genetic Testing

To maximise the Health and Welfare of Deerhounds, the Deerhound Club encourages Breeders to ensure that their breeding programmes strive to eliminate hereditary disorders and minimise genetic defects whilst continuing to ensure a wide genetic base for the breed. In addition to the well established test for Factor VII Deficiency, there is now a test for Hairlessness in deerhounds. For details see here

The Deerhound Breed Health and Conservation Plan (BHCP)

The Deerhound Club has launched the Deerhound Breed Health and Conservation Programme in collaboration with the Kennel Club. The purpose of this project is to ensure that all health concerns for our breed are identified through evidence-based criteria, and that breeders are provided with useful information and resources to support them in making balanced breeding decisions that make health a priority. This is the start of an evolving process and we have an action plan which will be reviewed with the Kennel Club in late 2019. The plan can be viewed here

For more information about this process please visit the Kennel Club website:

Kennel Club Academy

Kennel Club on-line learning resource including information on: Dog Breeding, Getting started with Genes and Inheritance, Getting started with DNA Testing, Getting started with Simple and Complex Inherited Disorders, How to use Mate Select, Getting started with Inbreeding and Selection, Getting started with Estimated Breeding Values.

 Breeding from your dogs

Kennel Club information guide

Breeding for health

Kennel Club information guide

Portosystemic shunt testing

Factor VII Deficiency

What is Portosystemic Shunt?


Forms to Download

Heart Study introduction to post-mortem tests

Heart Study post-mortem instructions for your vet

Heart Study submission form for your vet

Nottingham University Sample Form

Nottingham University DNA swab owner consent Form

Nottingham University Genetic Study Update Form

Mortality Data Reporting Form

Nottingham University GDV Survey Form

Seminar/Course Information

Kennel Club / Royal Canin – Breeder Education Seminars

Nottingham University 2nd Owner/Breeder Forum 2016

General health information / articles of interest

October 2017 Nottingham University Project Update

Genomic insights into Cardiomyopathies: A comparative cross-species review

A review of the genetics of heart disease in various species

Paper examining Osteosarcoma Genetic Inheritance 

Tick Borne Disease

Sept Nottingham DCM update

Portosystemic Shunt Survey Report

Animal DNA Diagnostics Ltd (Factor VII testing)

Mortality Survey

Lung Worm Update

Cardiac or Respiratory Disease?

Cardiomyopathy Update

Osteosarcoma Update

RSPCA Commission independant scientific report on Pedigree Dog Breeding in the UK

The Bateson Inquiry

Donations to the Deerhound Health Fund

The Deerhound Club needs your support to help fund health projects. If you are able to donate any money, however, small, to help improve deerhound health into the future please donate via paypal using the buttons below or send a cheque made payable to the Deerhound Club to Sandra Cummings, stating that the money is to be allocated to the Deerhound Health Fund. A separate Health Fund account has been established for this purpose. The money will be used in the first instance to fund Phase 2 of the heart study. The club have been very fortunate to have received a donation from Bev Doyle of £3000 which the club has matched. This is funding Phase 1 of the study and the screening of 40 dogs. To continue this study, further funds are needed, and therefore the Deerhound Club are very grateful for health fund donations.

Sandra's address is:

Mrs S Cummings
21 Dan y coedcae Road
Mid Glam
CF37 1LS

Thank you for your help The Deerhound Health Group


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