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S.K.C. (August) Championship Show 2019 Critique


1.Taylor’s Hunstaff Major For Ormanstar,Upstanding youngster,balanced head with good depth of muzzle.Lovely eyeshape and colour, neat ears.Long reach of neck,needs to settle in forehand as he stands a bit upright but has good width of forechest.Ribbing still to develop.Lovely flowing topline with gentle fallaway into well angulated hindquarters.Moved steadily just needs more confidence.


1.Taylor’s Ormanstar Gabriel Norman,won here on head properties,lovely expression and eye colour.Good reach of neck and strong front.Mature body of good shape and depth.Typical droop to hindquarters,light mover.

2.Gillie’s Dorrator Orbit,different make and shape.Not as flowing in shape overall.Not the reach of neck nut a good body shape with good ribbing in length and depth of brisket. Very good on the move with good width but a little overdone in profile.


1.Swanson’s Cotherstone Dallas Dhu of Altimarlach,headed a lovely class of young males.He stood out for typical head and expression,shapely body and overall soundness.He has the balance just right of construction without exaggeration, and substance in just the right measure.Lovely forehand angulation,standing over the ground, balanced with well muscled hindquarters.He moved with a lovely low reaching action.In the challenge I recognise he is still to mature on but I felt his overall qualities warranted the CC & BOB.

2.Macbean’s Kaleginy Plaid,Lovely chap.Very similar in make up and appealed to me in type and construction.Very good forehand with good upper arm length.Mature body with good ribbing,flowing topline falling away down into strong hindquarters with the characteristic droop.

3.Finnett's Heathcote’s Hyndsight Endlessflight.


1.Peach’s Tiobraid Solo Venture to Kilbourne,Upstanding male,well proportioned.Not my head type. Strong,well muscled neck into well laid shoulders.Good foot shape.Nice topline from neck through body,would like a shade more body maturity.Well set hindquarters with good bend of stifle,moved soundly.

2.Sharpe’s Killoeter Skye,Different type and strong in skull,ears could be neater.Different proportions and stood over a squarer outline.Good strength allthrough and mature body.Moved well.


1.Finnett & Heathcote’s Ch.Hyndsight Desperado,have previously awarded this dog a CC and still found him pleasing in many respects.His typy head and overall balance sets him apart especially his flow from head to tail.Today he pressed hard again,Res.CC.

2.Baumann & Lucas’ Packway Loxley Norton,strongly made of taller mould.Good overall shape with reasonable front and well developed body.Just felt he was a little strong in type.


1.Lindsay’s Albagrey Loch Maree at Silverthyme,feminine with balanced head,good eyeshape,neat ears.Good reach of neck,good shape to ribbing still to furnish.Good bend of stifle,very raw but good quality.


1.Swanson’s Altimarlach Archangel,lovely quality bitch with typy head of good length.Well filled in in forechest,feet could be tighter.Lovely reach of neck,well let into shoulders.Quality bone of good substance.Strong,well muscled hindquarters with good angulation,needs to settle but all quality.


1.Murray’s Kenaiteen Seatons Angel,won this class on overall elegance,proportions and soundness.Nice head and expression,good length of neck.Good epth of brisket but would like better underline.Moced soundly.

2.Jackson’s Killoeter Unique,smaller in stature but for me could do with more scope.Has good substance and nicely made with good overall flow to topline.Droop to hindquartersbut not as positive on the move as 1.

3.Gillie’s Dorrator Eno.


1.Finnett & Heathcote’s Hyndsight How You Remind Me,won here on quality and shape,but most of all body.Good to feel something under your hands,lovely to go over,depth of brisket.Broad first thigh,has lovely feet and moved soundly,liked her very much.Res.CC.

2.Taylor’s Ormanstar Fat Cat Betty,slightly lighter build.Lovely,quality head of different type.Not the set of neck into shoulder of 1 and not the same mature body development,but a good outline and has good width to her hindquarters.

3.Harte’s Nixophel Crystal Celestite at Caraidanam.


1.Doak’s Concentric of Rosslyn,shapely bitch of good size.More the type I was brought up with and so she appealed very much in head type and balance.Mature body that has shape but also a good length.Nicely shaped spring of rib with good depth of brisket,carried back.Broad,well muscled loin.Good quality bone,good feet.Soundest mover,light and easy. CC.

2.Swanson’s Cotherstone Brogue of Altimarlach,slightly taller and not the headpice of 1.Nicely constructed,would like more layback of shoulder.Mature body a little too much condition.Broad,well muscled hindquarters.Moved with good,easy stride. 3.Smart’s Kessoch Marsco of Greystiel.


1.Finnett & Heathcote’s Ch.Hyndsight Because The Night,Lovely bitch of quality,scored well in body maturity and overall shape.Liked her head type with good depth of muzzle.Well off for bone,very sound. 2.Peach’s Ch.Blixten Star to Kilbourne,pressed one hard as I liked her elegance,type and shape.She has a different type of head which is well balanced.Good reach of neck,good length and shape of body,would like a shade more maturity to body.Stood over the ground and moved strongly.


1.Smart’s Kessoch Marsco of Greystiel,typy bitch who was more in a class suited to her here.Liked her balanced head,good mouth for her age.Lovley shape.moved well. 2.Coyles and Charlton’s Dorrator Emin.

Pam Marston-Pollock.