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Deerhound Club Limited Show (Southern) 2014 Critique


I would like to thank the Deerhound Club Committee very much indeed for inviting me to
judge the Dog entry at this show and the Members who were sporting enough to enter their
lovely Deerhounds. Also thanks go to my two Stewards for their help during the day, to my
fellow judge Prof Elise Cartmell and to Mrs Joan Wragg, our Referee, for completing the
triumvirate which decided upon some of the final placings for the highest honours of the
Puppy Dog. 3/2
1st. Grimshaw's Greyflax The Jazz Singer to Jamalison. At just 6 mnths old he is a
shapely puppy with good bone and on the move he organised his long legs extremely well
for one so young. He was well balanced, used his shoulder freely and moved with a long
well cadenced stride. His head and expression were correct, his neck well set into a
sloping shoulder, tight feet, well bodied with correct length of loin although I would prefer
less rise – this will no doubt alter with time. Well muscled quarters, great length from hip
to hock and correct bend of stifle. Hocks well let down, tail long.
2nd. Helps' Beardswood Spey. 7mnths old. At this stage he doesn't have quite the
shapely curves of my winner but of course he has time his side and youngsters can change
seemingly over night. He has a most attractive head although I would prefer a smaller
ear, already his neck is strong and well arched, his feet are tight and he is well bodied with
correct length of loin, good first a second thigh. His movement was balanced and correct
but today not showing quite the same freedom in shoulder as my winner.
Junior Dog. 3/3
1st. Pink's Greyhawks Romanie Drom. 18 mnths old. This very attractive young dog
moved with purpose and freedom, showing a long well balanced stride and was correct
coming and going. He has a good Deerhound head with a soft expression in his eyes.
Good neck into well sloping shoulder and good length of upper arm, well arched toes, his
body is of good length and depth, correct arch over loin, hind quarters broad and powerful
and he has great length hip to hock. Should mature into a very nice example.
2nd. Girling's Pyefleet Timothy. 17 mnths old. Moved well. He is a thoroughly
workmanlike hound which for a working breed is not a perjorative description. His coat is
of correct length and is crisp as called for in this breed. His proportions are moderate
which gives an impression of great durability to this attractive hound. I like his head and
expression, his neck is well set onto a good sloping shoulder with very good length of upper
arm. He is well bodied with good topline. Quarters broad with a well developed first
thigh but I would prefer just a little more length in femur.
3rd. Barter & Christian's Ehlaradawn Rune.
Special Beginners Dog. 2/1
1st. Jenkins' Kilbourne Poacher. 23 mnths old. A tall and longcast dog, he moved
freely and accurately with a long stride and he was balanced at all times. Good crisp coat.
His head and expression very typical but would prefer a smaller ear. Strong neck into good
shoulder/upper arm assembly, good bone, feet well arched. He is well bodied and ribbed
well back with slight rise over the loin. Quarters broad. Very good length hip to hock and
hocks well let down.
Special Yearling. 5/4
1st.& Best Opposite Sex. Lucas & Dargonne's Packway Commanche Moon. 23 mnths
old and with time on his side. To my eyes this young dog stood out for breed type and he
owned the ring the moment he stepped into it. A large dog with a small head, you could
not mistake him for another breed even in a darkened room! He moved well but when this
dog came in to challenge for BOB I agreed with my fellow judge that he was showing less
freedom and forward reach in shoulder movement than the bitch. His head is beautiful
and of correct proportions and whilst masculine it is a small head. Small ears tightly folded
and set high. Dark eye, excellent pigmentation and the softest of expressions. His neck
is well arched, muscular and well set into his shoulder. He has very well arched feet
although I would prefer more slope to pastern, good bone and his great depth and correct
spring of rib give him good heart and lung room. He has the desired slight rise over the
loin and gentle fall away of croup into wide and powerful hindquarters with a long tail.
His muscle tone was by some margin the best of the day amongst the dog entry. Coat
crisp. I could very easily imagine him having the athleticism, weight and strength to bring
down a Red Deer which is what it's all about for this breed.
2nd. Kilbourne Poacher.
3rd. Pyefleet Timothy.
Undergraduate Dog. 2/1
1st. Lucas & Dargonne's Packway Lonesome Dove. Litter brother to the winner of the
previous class. A smaller dog and also of very pleasing Deerhound type, he moved well in
profile. His head is of correct proportions and planes, the eye dark and pigment excellent.
Expression soft and gentle. Small ears well folded and set on high. Neck strong and of
good length, well set on to shoulder. His feet are well knuckled. Good depth through the
heart and well bodied, his topline showing just the correct amount of rise and with a gently
sloping croup into powerful quarters.
Postgraduate Dog. 7/3
1st. Faircloth's Beardswood Ripley for Calbraidh. He won this class on his movement
which was active and true. He covered the ground well with a long well balanced and
cadenced stride which wasted no energy and gave an impression of endurance. His head is
strong and I would prefer a darker eye but his expression is soft and kind. Well placed
shoulder with good length of upper arm. He has good bone, well knuckled feet, great
depth through the heart and is well bodied. Fall away at croup correct. Hind quarters
broad and powerful and with great length hip to hock with a good length of tail.
2nd. Lewis's Luckhurst Nairn. I thought this dog would be my winner when he entered
the ring but he just wasn't moving well enough today. In profile he moved well and I like
his proportions and his breed type. He has a very pleasing head with dark eye, his neck is
strong and of good length and very well set into a very good shoulder/upper arm. Feet and
pasterns good. Well ribbed back. He has good depth through the heart, topline, fall
away of croup and his quarters are broad with good length hip to hock. I liked his
proportions of length to height.
3rd. Shannon's Erewhon Celestial Fire.
Open Dog. 4/4
1st. Harrington& Finnett's Hyndsight Tempest. This dog tried every trick in the book to
thwart his hapless handler's efforts to get him to show how he can move! This included
much pulling to the side of the ring and also some pacing – not a hanging offence in my
opinion provided the dog shows that it actually can produce a free and balanced trot on the
diagonal, which this dog did to my satisfaction. He is possessed of lovely breed type and
has the proportions of height, length and substance which I think to be ideal in a hunting
dog. His head is masculine and of correct planes, his eye is dark and kind, his neck well
set onto a well constructed front, he has depth through the heart and good length through the
body, correct arch over the loin and correct fall away of croup. Good length hip to hock.
Crisp coat of correct length.
2nd. Wilkinson's Sireadh Chase. He moved freely and willingly with good balance and
cadence and with a long ground covering stride. A much longer cast hound than my
winner whose proportions I just prefered. His head is correct and pleasing with the desired
soft and gentle expression in the eyes, his ears high set and well folded, very strong in neck,
well sloping shoulder, good bone, good feet, good depth through the chest and is ribbed well
back. I would prefer less rise over the loin/croup and less angle at stifle. He has great
length hip to hock, wide powerful quarters and a long tail.
3rd. Finnett & Heathcoat's Hyndsight The Furyan.

Mrs Pip Buswell


Thank you very much the opportunity to judge at this show. Good venue, organisation and weather meant for an enjoyable afternoon. My stewards were excellent and it was a privilege to have the opportunity to go over so many lovely dogs and also work with the dog judge Pip Buswell and Joan Wragg the referee. Above all thank you very much to everyone who entered.
Overall, there were a number of lovely bitches and I was very pleased with my final line up. I was particularly looking for good movement and strong athletic hounds but the front angulation, and in particular the length and return of upper arm, in a number of the exhibits meant that movement was compromised. The fitness, weight and muscle tone of some of the bitches also needs to be watched.


This was a lovely class and the placings from today will of course no doubt change in the future.
1 FOXCLIFFE CLASSIC LIBERTY FREEDOM AT BEARDSWOOD. For my first two placings I went for the puppies with more substance. The winning bitch had more maturity and was a lovely, substantial and strong puppy. She had good bone and her adult coat, which was just starting to come through, was harsh and dark. Lovely sweet face with a dark eye. Good depth of chest and spring of rib. Just needed a little more front pastern slope and bend of stifle. But a very promising puppy with really easy and balanced movement. BP
2 CHUILINN BELLINA. Again such a lovely substantial and strong puppy. She was shorter coupled than the 1st but still stood over sufficient ground. She was only young and enjoying her day but it did mean I could not really assess her movement. However, there was nothing about her construction which made me think she would not be able to move well once more settled and there is no need to rush for this. She had a lovely sweet expression, dark eye and good ears. Good angulation.
3 ARACETA BUTTERFLY. Lighter grey puppy with good length of body. Powerful rear quarters with good angulation but she didn’t at this point in time have the depth in chest or substance of the winners. Again a lovely feminine head.


1 CASSACRE AELFRIDA OF GHILTAN. Long light grey coat. Nice depth of chest and good rear angulation. Just needed a bit more forechest and width overall in chest. But front angulation was all right. Free profile movement.
2. BEARDSWOOD POESY AT CALBRAIDH. Lovely dark harsh coat. She was also very shapely with a good depth of chest and nice rear angulation. Good tight feet. However, overall her front construction was not as good as the 1st and this was reflected in her movement.
3 REGALFLIGHT PEMBA. Good harsh coat. Nice head and expression but lacked maturity and substance at this stage. Very well handled and showed well.


1 HYNDSIGHT RUNIN DOWN A DREAM. A really eye catching bitch. Once settled her reach in front movement and lovely top line, which she held well on the move, won her the Reserve Best Bitch. Lovely head and expression with a good dark eye. Ears well folded. Her body was very shapely with good balanced angulation overall. I did like her front, length of neck and the way she stood over the ground. She had a good forechest and depth of chest. Good feet. 
2 ARACETA DAYDREAM BELIEVER. Again this was a nice bitch with good potential. Just did not quite have the curves and the expression and dark eye of the 1st. Lovely length and top line with good profile movement.


1 SHAGIEAD MRS BRIDGES. Solid and powerful bitch with good spring of ribs. Top line could be better but she has a good head and expression and nice dark eye. Good depth of chest and decent forechest. Front movement was a little erratic but it did settle.   
2 SORISDALE MACLINDON. 10 year dog in excellent condition and moving well and freely a real credit to the owner. Good harsh coat with decent feet. Good rear angulation.  

POSTGRADUATE BITCH (7/13)         

1 EREWHON WANTON FLAME. I just really liked the overall shape and reach of this dog on the move. Held her top line well and had a lovely slope to the croup and held her tail well. She had a lovely reach in front and easy active movement. Good dark eye and lovely head and expression. Ears could be a little smaller. Good balanced angulation. Good feet. Good spring of rib and good forechest. Good harsh dark coat. In the challenge for BIS her better front angulation and movement won out over the dog. 
2 ROSSLYN POLLIE OF NIMLOTH. Older 6 year old bitch. Did not have the front angulation or front pastern slope of the winner but there was still a lot to like about this bitch. The top line and profile movement was good and overall she had the strength in body and width over the other dogs in what was a large postgraduate class.
3 BEARDSWOOD RONA. Not as settled in the ring as the winners. But did have that good profile shape and top line. Good rear angulation and depth of chest.


1 PYEFLEET SCRUMPIE. A lovely powerful, athletic and strong bitch. Not the best of heads. Good feet and decent forechest. Good rear angulation and I especially liked the top line. Good bone. Sound mover. 
2 LODHAINN BENNBEHEULA TO JAMALISON. A younger bitch to the winner but maturing nicely. Had the better head but did not quite have the angulation of the 1st. Good depth of chest and top line. Lovely harsh coat. Moved soundly.
3 HODDINGREY TERRONA. Another good bitch. Good powerful hindquarters. Good depth of chest and spring of rib. Good length of neck. Nice head and expression.
1 WOLFSCASTLE FERN OF NIMLOTH. Lovely strong bitch. Good top line and depth of chest. Good rear angulation. Good head and expression with nice dark eye. Needed a little more front pastern slope. Moved freely.
2 SORISDALE MACLINDON. As per undergraduate write up.

Elise Cartmell


I was invited on the day of the show to act as referee to decide Reserve Best in Show and to judge the Special Classes.

The dogs for consideration for RBIS were:-
LUCAS & DARGONNE’S - PACKWAY COMMANCHE MOON (D) Upstanding, well grown, 23 month old. Lovely head and expression. Correct reach of neck, fair topline, good depth of chest, generous bone. Well knuckled feet.  Good width of loin and strong well angled quarters.  Moved well.
FINNETT & H. HEATHCOTE’S - HYNDSIGHT RUNIN DOWN A DREAM (B) Balanced, dk bitch, not over big but with flowing curves.  Beautiful head with v dk eye, giving that faraway look.  Excellent reach of neck, lovely topline and fallaway.  Good shoulder placement and deep chest.  Strong rear quarters with nice bend of stifle. Moved easily and well.  I preferred the front assembly of this bitch compared to the dog’s, so awarded her Res BIS.
The dog was awarded Best Opposite Sex.



1. O’BRIEN’S & QUINN’S - HODDINGREY TERRONA (B) 4 yrs old, lovely type, with attractive head & expression & good coat.  Fair reach of neck, well angled shoulder & upper arm with correct topline, lovely deep chest.  Nice rear quarters.  Moved soundly.
2. GRIMSHAW’S - GREYFLAX THE JAZZ SINGER TO JAMALISON (D) I fell in love with this well grown youngster.  Lovely outline, appealing head, dk eye, strong neck.  Deep chest and good spring of rib. Excellent rear, plus lots of bone.  Enjoyed his day.


1. GIRLING’S - PYEFLEET SCRUMPIE (B) Rangy bitch with good wiry coat.  Attractive head, good length of neck & well laid shoulder. Deep chest, well muscled powerful quarters. Well knuckled feet.  Moved soundly.
2. HELPS’ - BEARDSWOOD RHYMI (B) Shapely, very feminine bitch.  Fair front angulation, good topline & deep chest.  Strong rear quarters with good angulation.  In fit condition, tightly knuckled feet.  Moved well.
SPECIAL NEW MEMBERS (1) 1. WHEELERS - REGALFLIGHT PEMBA 1 (B) Two year old bitch with correct wiry coat.  Attractive head, dk eye.  Fair topline and depth of chest.  Good shoulder placement and rear quarters. 

Joan Wragg