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Windsor Championship Show 2014 Critique

Puppy dog (1) 1. And Best Puppy Bond’s Regalflight Rueben.  Very well grown and developed nine month old puppy, initially a bit reluctant, but he grew in confidence as the day went, and showed so well against the bitch puppy that for me, he had to win the Best puppy rosette. Handsome masculine head.  Scored on his very true front for his age; his excellent topline , croup and hindquarters. Still moving a bit narrow behind, but I feel this should improve with age. Most promising baby !
Junior dog (1) 1. Girling’s Pyefleet Timothy. L Light grey youngster of 14 months, not at a very pretty age. Of more medium size, he has a nice head, good neck and front with a well laid back upper arm. Very good topline, group somewhat steep and could use more angulation in the hind quarters.  Mover reasonably well as seen from the side, although very loose over the front and elbows.
Yearling dog ( 4) 1. Finnett & Heathcote’s Hyndsight Run to You. A somewhat awkward dog of 20 months, not the easiest to show.  Pleasant head, good neck to front of adequate angulations, very good topline, somewhat steep over the croup to nicely angulated hindquarters. Scored on his excellent and free action, as seen from the side and coming and going.   In very harsh and workmanlike coat.  Proper bone for size, very good feet. Will, I feel, mature into a very fine hound. 2. Pyefleet Tarka.  Litter brother to the winner of the previous class, but of different proportions, being longer in coupling and all over. Nice head, rather forward set front quarters, Proper bone for size. Rather long feet. Happy mover but does need to settle in front action. 3. Kilbourne Poacher
Post grad dog ( 5) 1.  Owen & Brodie’s Luckhurst Nebo to Wolfscastle. Medium sized dog of very good type and outline.  Nice head, deep set ears, good neck ad front quarters. Excellent topline, croup and hindquarters.  Moved well . Scored on his topline over number 2. 2. Kilbourne Usher to Ormanstar. A very impressive dog, with a pleasant head, excellent neck and forehand, very good bone for size. Unfortunately he falls off in topline, slopes off. Excellent croup and hindquarters. 3. Beardswood Quiver.
Limit dog (5) 1. Helps’ Beardswood Quinlan. Mature dog who scored on his excellent type . Very nice head , a darker eye would improve expression, very  good neck and forehand. Good firm topline, which could show more definition. Excellent croup and hind quarters. Moved very well. Presented in excellent coat. Lovely and free sideaction  2. Hamiltonhill Fred  D Mercury. Five year old dog who scored on his lovely head and expression, Good neck and front, excellent topline  and rear quarters.  Moved very well 3. Hyndsight Tempest.
Open dog ( 4, 1 abs) 1 CC and BOB. Baumann’ Lux Ch. Regaflight Tarloch.  Five year old dog presented in wonderful condition, quite an exciting dog . beautiful head and expression, good strong neck of proper length and strength, very nicely angulated forehand, good strong bone and good feet. Well muscled topline and well set croup, strong hindquarters; Moved very well and freely. 2 and res CC :Earl Grey von der Oelmuhle.  Dark dog, who was very well presented. Good head and neck, somewhat forward set shoulders, excellent bone and feet. Very good topline, but today he tended to crouch in rear, perhaps due to a steepish croup. Moved very well , but could have reached out more in front action3. Teasetail Black Tie an Tail.
Puppy bitch ( 8, 2 abs ) 1. Peach’s Kilbourne Zoe. What a pretty six month old baby this is, and so steady. Lovely head, good neck and forequarters, excellent bone for size, good feet.  Very good over the topline, croup somewhat steep. Very good and free mover . 2. Shagiad Aunty Hetty for Lordswell.  Older bitch of nine months, who scored on her accurate and free movement. Pretty head, somewhat forward set front, excellent bone for size and good feet.  Rather overdone in topline today and tended to be steep in croup.  3. Regalflight Racer.
Junior bitch (4, 1 abs) 1. Peach’s Ehlaradawn Tilia at Kilbourne.   Beautiful young bitch of 14 month, with a lovely head and expression, very good strong neck, very nicely angulated forehand, proper bone and feet. Excellent topline, croup and hindquarters. Moved very well and freely. Certainly most promising. 2. Greyflax Summer Breeze. Taller, and less finished bitch of the same age as the winner. Lovely head and ears, somewhat shorter in neck, good front and bone. Excellent topline, croup and hindquarters. Moved well but without the freedom of the winner. 3.Wolfscastle Greyce    
Yearling b ( 6, 3 abs) 1. And res CC :Taylor’s Kilbourne Pandora to Talorpeche  A very shapely and sound bitch coming up to two years of age Very nice head , a darker eye would improve her expression.  Excellent strong neck set into goo d shoulders and front, very good bone for size and make. Excellent topline, croup and hindquarters.  Moved so fluidly and freely and earned her small green card with this. A lovely type of bitch. 2. Hyndsight Runin Down a Dream .  Rather un-trained dark young bitch of lovely type. Pleasant head, rather a thin neck and forward set front. Very good bone for size, excellent topline, croup somewhat steep. Moved well once she co-operated. 3. Hyndsight  A Book of Dreams.
Postgrad bitch (3) 1. Helps’ Beardswood Rhymi. Looked young in this class, and the overall impression is of a very tall bitch, due to her very long legs.  Beautiful head and expression and later won the points for best head and expression for the Club. Neck rather short, shoulders rather forward set, and she doesn’t lack depth of chest. Excellent topline, and hindquarters. Moved very easily and well. 2. Lyndorthwin Ethel  Grey. Another nice two year old bitch, of excellent proportions. Nice head, good neck, somewhat forward set front, good bone for size, very good topline, croup and hindquarters. Moved well  3. Pantawick  Aethelwyne
Limit (7, 1 abs) 1. Redmond’s Shagiead  Lady Sea with Greybrows. Shapely young bitch of lovely type and presented in lovely harsh, shortish coat. Lovely head, good neck and forehand, very proper bone for size and make. Excellent topline , croup to strong well muscled hindquarters. Moved well as seen from all angles. A beautiful young bitch . 2. Cotherstone Take Silk. An older bitch, again of very pleasant type, but the overall impression is not helped by her appearing to stand high over her rear quarters. Very nice head. Good strong neck set well into shoulders, good bone and feet. Strong topline, but very steep over the croup and she stands very upright over her hindquarters.  Presented in excellent coat and condition. Good and true mover. 3.Beardswood quintessence.
Open bitch (3) 1. And CC: Tresh’s Trentdale Glamis of Lyndorthwin.  At nearly seven years of age, this clear grey bitch is of wonderful type and outline. Lovely head with sweet expression, very good neck set smoothly into an excellent front, proper bone for size, excellent flow over the topline, croup to strong well angulated hindquarters.  She also moves absolutely beautifully in a smooth ground reaching side action, also true coming and going. The handling in the ring could be more professional, but this bitch needs nothing, she simply stands herself. I understood later that I had judged her at an open show some years ago, and I praised her as highly then…..2. Kilbourne Wendela.  A lovely, more workmanlike, bitch, presented in excellent  coat . Very nice outline, shorter coupled than the winner.  Very nice head and expression, good neck , front somewhat forward set. Excellent bone and feet. Strong topline, excellent croup ad hindquarters of more medium angulations. Moved very well. 3.Greyflax Just Peachy

Mrs. Dagmar Kenis Pordham ( judge)