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Blackpool & District Canine Society Championship Show 2014 Critique

PD (1)
1. Parsons & McKinnon’s Finlas at Claonaiglen, 9 months very raw and needing to come together. Quality head, well boned, good overall proportions, moderately angulated, pleasing coat texture, moves close behind but quite true in front. Needs to pull himself together in profile.
JD (1)
1. McIntyre’s Almondbank Lead On McDuff, 13 months not the biggest but well balanced. Good length of head but could have more strength of foreface. Curvaceous outline, optimum angles, needs to body up with maturity and settle in front as he tends to high step. Goes away true, excellent coat texture.
PGD (4)
1. Wallace’s Araceta Dreamflight, very scopy young dog with lovely flowing lines & such a free and effortless mover. Classy head that can still strengthen in foreface, loved his balance and angles but he still needs a little more body. In profile he really uses his hindquarters and holds himself so well. Excellent coat. 2. Constantine’s Gentiehun Ayres Rock of Kaleginy, very well bodied, good basic type, pleasing head, not quite the angulation of 1 and not the freedom behind but quite pleasing up and down. 3. Shannon’s Erewhon Celestial Fire.
LD (4)
1. Peach’s Greyflax Taylor Made for Kilbourne, classic shape and so full of type and quality. Beautiful head and forehand, sweeping lines with great angles and good coat. Free and effortless mover. Won what was apparently his second CC and the third cannot be far away. 2. McBean’s Killoeter Ruaig, good overall type, slightly heavier framed than 1, masculine head but a little heavy in ear. Nicely bodied and balanced, a little lethargic moving compared to 1. 3. Bailey’s Breesfalt Jacob of Camuscuin.
OD (4)
1. Morton & Morgan’s Ch Cotherstone Shot and Steel, beautifully shaped, stately, dignified and radiating breed type. Excellent head type, wonderful balance and lines, quality coat, handles himself well on the move but just didn’t quite have the accuracy of the Limit Dog. A very worthy Champion,  RCC. 2. Hawkins’ Ch Kwaricott Corelli, another good moving hound of excellent type, just not quite the balance of 1 or his definition of topline. 3. Cartmell’s Cusidh Homecoming.
MPB (1)
1. Peach’s Kilbourne Zoe, most beautifully typy 6 months baby with infinite promise. Beautiful head and expression, wonderfully put together and despite her youth she already has great shape and definition of outline. Grand coat, needs to firm up in hock but looks great going around. BP.
JB (2)
1. Peach’s Ehlaradawn Tilia, 14 months, another beauty from this kennel whose type I obviously admire. Beautiful head and outlook, superb forehand, classic balance of outline, excellent coat, truer than most up and down. RCC and should gain her title. 2. McIntyre’s Hillmorton Hazel, 16 months and she doesn't always make the best of herself on the stack. Not quite the head of 1 or as defined in topline but she has good basic balance and was in wonderful muscular condition. Adequate mover.
GB (2)
1. MacBean’s Killoeter Ralia, fit hard yearling in great muscular condition. Pleasing head but eye could be darker. Good basic shape and balance, nicely angulated, moved reasonably well.
2. Davis’ Kilbourne Nimble at Marivon, another whose eyes could be darker but she is of good basic type. Topline a little more extreme than 1 and she was rather lethargic on the move.
PGB (3)
1. Carlin’s Lairigefyne Eilder, very typy but needs a little more body weight. Pleasing head, excellent make and shape and well coated. Needs to be taken at the right speed to avoid pacing. Apparently her first show. 2. Cartmell’s Brylach Over The Broomstick, more slickly handled than 1 and a quality bitch, feminine head, not the front angulation of 1 or as defined in topline but she makes the best of herself moving. 3. Shannon's Erewhon Wanton Flame.
LB (3)
1. Constantine’s Gentiehun Adelaide of Kaleginy, workmanlike and of excellent type, beautifully bodied and conditioned. Appeals in head, could have a little more neck but her construction pleases and her outline flows. Tail carriage could be more open, impressive mover. 2. Foote & Crossan’s Fintralgor Red Red Rose, slightly different balance from 1 but she has a pleasant head and good angles front and back. Not such a determined mover as 1. 3. Kilgar’s Kilbourne Penelope at Maelstrom.
OB (4)
1. Morton & Morgan’s Ch Cotherstone Duchenne, really lovely scopy bitch with kindly expression, well boned and bodied, good overall balance, pleasing coat, free and easy mover. So good going away and is effortless going around. Easily CC & BOB - for me she was the star of the entry and I was so proud of her when she was shortlisted in Pat Clayton’s Hound Group. 2. Parsons & McKinnon’s Claonaiglen Fionnlighe, another typy bitch in good body weight and condition. Balanced head, just not quite as shapely outlined as 1 but she moves quite well. 3. Peach’s Kilbourne Wendela.