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Hound Club of East Anglia Open Show 2013 Critique

I was thrilled to receive the second biggest entry of the day and would like to thank everybody for their support. I understand this is a popular show and you can certainly see why as soon as you when you arrive. All credit to the club for making it so and thank you for inviting me.

1st  GIRLINGS' Pyfleet Tarka   Eye catching dark harsh coated male of just 6 months. From the outset gives the impression of quality, depth and substance. Handsome  head, dark eye and soft expression with good pigment. Pleasing lay of shoulder with plenty of fore chest and return of upper arm and an equally well matched hind quarter. Would prefer a little more length overall but he has a good topline. Moved very well in profile once settled. BP 
2nd  GIRLING'S Pyfleet Timothy. Litter brother to above and much of the same applies. Lighter coat colour, same lovely fore and aft balance and topline. Moved well. I preferred his length to 1 but a little high in the croup at this point.  Nice puppies.  

3rd  Wolfcastle Gana

1st  SHANNON'S  Erewhon Wanton Flame.13 month old Bitch. Dark long casted girl with a small attractive head and very neat ears. Long neck well set following into a correct lay of shoulder. Would prefer her elbow a little more underneath her.  Very good feet. Topline held well on the move. Plenty of width of thigh and a good wide hip. Moved well with long easy strides.

2nd Shannons Erewhon Celestial Fire.  Litter brother to 1. Very masculine head, ear a little flat. Good front and a better return of upper arm than 1.Very good feet.  Overall a little more raw at present but moved well.

3rd  Lyndorthwin Ethel Grey

Post Graduate
1st WILLIAMS Greyflax Brown Eyed Girl. 18 month old lighter grey bitch. From the side the most delightful head with neat rose shaped ear. Front on, eye a little full which was present on a few of the hounds today. It  is a shame as it does alter that lovely deerhound expression. Good reach and length of neck set on a reasonable front. Tightly knuckled feet. Well sprung ribs running well back. Plenty of width of thigh and bend of stifle. Moved so effortlessly around the ring it was a pleasure watch her move in profile.
2nd  CHURCHILL'S Lealla Linnofdee.  Another good head shape but also with that slightly too full eye and on this girl, eyes a little light. The smallest neatest ears of the day - perfectly formed. Strong neck with good arch to it, good feet.  Lovely sweep behind to croup and very good bend of stifle not quite the movement of 1

3rd Gentiehun Alice Springs

1st  QUINN & O’BRIEN'S Hoddingrey Terrona.  Attractive dark eyed girl with a typical head and expression. I loved her well set neck which has a correct arc with plenty of width at the base of neck set well to the shoulder. A little lacking in forechest and width in front. Well knuckled feet. Would like a little more depth to the ribcage but she held a good correct rise over the loin and stands over plenty of ground. Very impressive width behind and a massive muscle base to first and second thighs which could be more toned! Moved soundly but a little reluctantly    

2nd BUCKLEY'S Pyefleet Spirit Of Sarah.  Darker bitch than 1 good length to her head but a little lacking in furnishings at present.  Eye a little full. Good length of neck with prominent nape to it. Shoulder well laid, reasonable fore chest, would prefer a little more spring to pasterns.  Good tail set. Moved very well with light easy strides around the ring and held her top line well.  Harsh coat

3rd Glenmorlich None So Pretty For Packway

1st CHURCHILL'S Lealla  Lephin. Masculine dog that looks like he could easily do a day’s work and be sound at the end of it. Manly head without being coarse, correct eye expression, good ear set. Strong well shaped neck flowing to a pleasing front with adequate fore chest. Strong flat bone, good feet. Very good top line, I really liked his overall length. I would have preferred a little more depth throughout his chest. Very nice droop to croup and the most powerful of hind legs with a great breadth of toned muscle and plenty of second thigh. Moved easy, active and true. BOB  

2nd  TROTMAN'S  Stainlonan Kulang Of  Penherald Very attractive bitch, unmistakably a Deerhound. Another good head shape but also that slightly fuller eye than one would desire. Good neck but would just like it a little longer which would also applies to her frame. Curvaceous with a good top line .Very broad across the hips and a well-muscled hindleg.  Moved soundly and well. RBOB

3rd Nixophel Crystal Amethyst

Judge Liza Faircloth