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The Deerhound Club Single Breed Open Show 2013 Critique


A pleasing quality entry of hounds .There were no bad mouths,all temperaments were good and I was pleased to find that coat presentation had improved tremendously since my last appointment,in that all hounds were groomed thoroughly.I was pleased to see some cleaner,less heavy heads in the younger classes,fewer light eyes than when I last judged,and the majority of hounds had condition
and width over their loins and quarters.Some young males in the higher classes paid the penalty for lack of maturity and depth,and would probably benefit from a year out of the ring to develop and fill out,this being a breed which matures much later than some.
If I may make some general observations,aimed mainly at newcomers,or novice exhibitors.The time spent in the ring showing one's dog to the judge is very short,so in that time it is important to make the most of your exhibit and present it to the judge in a professional manner.It is too late when one is out of the ring to wish that one had used the full ring,moved in straight lines up and down or stood one's dog in the best way possible. If in doubt about how your dog should look,watch the more established exhibitors,and then visit a local shop (after closing time !!)where the windows give a good reflection and practise standing your dog in front of the window ,or if you are lucky enough to have a very large mirror at home,practise at home.Look at the dog in the reflection, correct him by looking at the image until you like what you see,and then look from above to see how he looks from above.The forelegs should be under the shoulder,accentuating the return of upper arm,and the hind legs should sweep gently back,if conformation allows,with the back pasterns straight,parallel  and strong. Deerhounds are very obliging to be fair,and I think that once they know what you want they are content to have a tickle under the chin and a kind word, but practise is important,until your hound realises that he is not  being asked to stand for very long .On the move,try to move at your hounds best pace,don't allow your lead to flap in front of his head or legs,keep straight and use the ring to advantage,always watching where the judge is so that you give him/her every opportunity to see your dog's movement. By getting this right at home one then can make the most of the short time in the ring to show one's dog to advantage.
Puppy Dog (11,0)
A class of promising young males.
1)Greenhalghs' Regalflight Poacher of Leksmoor.Quality youngster,only 7 months old,but I loved his kind,distant expression,neatly folded ears,well-laid shoulders with close elbows,good bone and feet.He has an adequate length of neck,enough width in chest,good angles and return of upper arm,excellent depth of rib with fullness and strength through loin into quarters,where he excelled for one so young.Thighs wide and sweeping with low hocks and well set tail. Crisp coat .Ground covering ,easy stride with regular footfall and power from behind,keeping his shapeliness.Handler  sometimes stands him with his hindlegs under him rather,but he has plenty of scope and length behind.Best Puppy Dog.
2)Peach's Nimloth Bilbo for Kilbourne Another appealing young male,balanced in head with less neat ears than 1,shoulders well laid back with solid bone and good feet,a little slab-sided at the moment,just needs time which he has in abundance.Adequate condition over the loin and through quarters,well-muscled but not the sweep behind of the winner,but moved sound and true with good head carriage.
3)Van Zanten Boomgaard's Nimloth Brandir.
Junior Dog (1,0)
1)Merrick's Pedlarspath Secret Star.Dark coated,shapely youngster with masculine head and kind expression and fine ears.Dark coat tends to make his eyes appear lighter than they actually are.Good bone and feet,well-laid back lengthy shoulder blades ,and good length to body,with wide thigh.Presently looks shallow in the body with a lot of air beneath him,a typical 'teenager' ,but time is on his side.Moved soundly and precisely , handled well.
Yearling Dog (3,0)
Neither dog in this class was behaving very well or handled to advantage,which made it difficult to make a decision.Very different types,who could change places anytime.
1).Stabb and Taylor's Greyhawks Romanie Kalo.Mid grey dog,with closer coat than 2, with dark eye,neat ears,a little lacking in return of upper arm,but has good medium bone and feet ,full rib and adequate width over quarters.Being difficult in stance but moved sensibly with easy stride when settled.
2)Water and Graham's Hyndsight Stark Upstanding male with longer, more open coat.Great expression,long,strong neck, but a  little leaner in condition than 1.If he had stood well I would imagine he could stand over plenty of ground. A little weak in front pasterns,hard to evaluate on the move as not at all settled. Needs time and patience.
Special Beginners Open (6,1)
1)Wilkinson's Sireadh Chase.  Light grey,full coated male with clean head and skull and beautiful neatly-folded ears. Doesn't stand over a lot of ground,but he is shapely with strong neck,good depth and full ribs, strong coupling with wide loin and well-muscled quarters,low hocks and parallel back pasterns.The soundest in the class,well handled and presented.
2)Seymour -Jackson's Ghiltan Hero.Stronger dog than 1,but similar in that he excels in the same departments bodily.Appealing head,ears not as neat as desired ,well-angulated with pleasing musculature and width over hips and good length hip to hock. True on the move,but tended to move more sedately,without any drive.
3)Cheshire's Kilbourne Nuin of Deeranwith.
Undergraduate (7,1)
1)Harrington and Finnett's Hyndsight Tempest.Shorter male with fine,clean headpiece,neat ears,medium bone,strong couplings ,shapely over quarters with low hocks.Sound,ground covering gait.Well handled.
2)Cheshire's Kilbourne Hennessy Junior of Deeranwith.A deceiving dog,who handles well on closer inspection,pleasing head with fine,folded ears,strong neck ,well-angulated with good bone,knuckled feet with longer toes.Well muscled quarters with wide thighs and well set on tail. Moved out well keeping topline.
3)Steele's Harropine Celtic Warrior for Sorimsway.
Post Grad (7,1)
1)Craig's Kilbourne Warhol Eye-catching,dark,balanced hound who presently impresses more on the move than in stance . Masculine,clean head with dark eye,strong neck set into clean shoulders with close elbows and quality bone.Pasterns need to tighten,and feet a little open.Handler tends to stand him with his forelegs too far forward,so practise needed,but when corrected he has the length of upper arm to bring his front well under him. Scopey on the move,when he came into his own,with excellent width and depth throughout,well-muscled behind which helped him move soundly with drive.
2)Churchill's Lealla Lephin.A shorter type ,neat and balanced,with fine head and kind expression,long yet harsh coat,close elbows with front under him,deep in body with strong coupling and shapely quarters. Moved true but could be moved faster  to advantage,as he appeared lack-lustre.Not to be over-looked however.
3)Peach's Greyflax Taylor Made for Kilbourne.
Limit (11,2)
1)Morton and Morgan's Cotherstone Shot and Steel. Well-handled quality male,does not stand over a lot of ground,but he is balanced and appeals for his dark eye and dignified expression, I would like neater ears to complete .He  has good stature in front which shows off his length of neck and good layback of shoulder. Stands four square on good legs and feet,deep in rib with strong loin and quarters. Good sweep of stifle with well let down hocks,he moved precisely and soundly to win this class.
2) Churchill's Lealla Liath .A very deceiving quality dog who was shown with the minimum of handling.Presented in good muscular condition with full,yet harsh,coat,he has an appealing,kind expression,strong neck,deep body and strong loin with good bone ,though would like more compact feet . Covered the ground well ,using his hocks and maintaining his shapely topline.
3)Peach's Kilbourne Nico.
Open (10,3)
All the males in this class were excellent  representatives of the breed and were a credit to their handlers/owners.
1)Phillips' All Guns Blazing for Ladygrove .Quality,upstanding, balanced male,mid-grey,an object lesson in presentation and showmanship, stands with dignity and composure, appeals in expression with clean skull,neat well-set ears,strong neck with shapely nape set onto well-laid shoulders with front well under him,strong pasterns and  feet,ribs full and deep,strong coupling with well muscled loin and quarters,drooping over a croup of good length and width,with wide,sweeping thighs and low hocks. Moved true fore and aft ,maintaining topline and covering the ground with positive easy strides.Best Dog and Best in Show.
2)Adams' Ch.Cscarf O'Cockaigne.Another quality male with dark harsh coat,stronger head than winner,strong neck,well angulated both ends with good bone and feet. Ribs deep and full with strong mid-piece ,well-muscled loin and wide,sweeping quarters.Moved with scopey open stride,from parallel strong back pasterns.
3)Spence and Heathcote's Ch.Hyndsight Riddick.
Veteran (5,0)
1)Girlings' Pyefleet Qwilliam. Quality dark coated dog shown in excellent muscular condition,he has a keen and yet dignified expression.Stands over a good deal of ground,on sound legs and feet,with strong neck,full deep ribs and strong tuck-up and wide,sweeping quarters . He moves with an easy,efficient gait,covering the ground well and maintaining his topline.Best Veteran Dog.
2)Owen and Brodie'sCh.Wolfcastle Wood Melick. Lighter grey male ,with kindly expression,more up on leg than 1,shapely and well-angulated with good bone and feet.Another with an easy efficient stride,shown in excellent coat and condition.
3)Piggotts Greyzicon Blythe Spirit.

Judge: Sandy Platt.


Puppy Bitch 13 (4a)

1st Helps’  Beardswood Rhymi  9 month old pretty bitch with good overall shape, good flat bone and neat knuckled feet. Correct coat with harsh texture. Moved willingly holding topline. (BPB BPIS)
2nd Friend & Redmond’s  Shagihead Lady with Greybrows 10 months old. Slightly taller than 1, pretty head with correct ear placement, curves in all the right places, good bone and feet, moved well covering a lot of ground.
3rd Helps’ Beardswood Rhona Litter sister to 1 and very similar, preferred the movement of 1 on the day

Junior Bitch  6 (1a)

1st Davis’  Kilbourne Nimble. Medium sized bitch with lovely head & expression. Strong neck good front and rear angulations. Movement good though a little erratic at times.
2nd William’s  Greyflax Brown Eyed Girl. Pretty head with well set ears, good flat bone and well knuckled feet, Moved well once settled.
3rd Minton’s  Pedlarspath Seren Very feminine with pleasing overall shape; a little close behind when moving.

Yearling Bitch 4 (1a)

1st Ellse’s  Kilbourne Unity. Lovely well shaped hound, pretty head with serious expression, dark eye and neat ears, moved well straight and free.
2nd Joerder & Faenger’s. Calamity of Redbrook. Feminine bitch with good head, dark eyes and neat ears. Strong neck, correct shoulder placement, with adequate depth and length, moved well holding topline.
3rd Joerder & Faenger’s. Ceithir of Redbrook  Nice head & expression, strong neck with well defined nape, good bone, feet could be better, moved erratically at times.

Special Beginners Novice    5

1st.Clement’s  Glenmorlich Bonnie Ann. Pretty head with dark eyes, good shoulder placement, both topline & underlines satisfactory, moved out well, but a little close behind.
2nd  Pedlarspath Seren
3rd Taylor’s  Saint Valentene Pleasant head with very serious expression; would like more return of upper arm, nice topline moved well, though a little close behind.

Special beginners Open 7 (1a)

1st O’Brien& Quinn’s Hoddingrey Terrona. Good sized bitch with nice head & dark eye, ears could be a little smaller, strong neck leading to a well balanced body, moved well striding out showing both reach and drive.
2nd Cheshires’ Kilbourne Teine another well balanced hound, smaller than 1st with pleasing head and expression, would like a little more length of loin, moved easily straight & true, good feet.
3rd Lucas & Dargonnes’s  Glenmorlich None So Pretty for Packway  Feminine head with dark eyes and neat ears, correct shoulder flat bone , lovely well knuckled feet, moved well.

Undergraduate 16  (3a)

1st Faircloth’s Beardswood Poesy at Calbraid. Tall dark bitch, typical head with dark eye, well set ears, strong neck to good lay of shoulder, adequate depth & length, gentle rise over loin, good bend of stifle, moved effortlessly round the ring, demonstrating reach & drive.
2nd Reynolds’  Wickwar Why Not. Smaller than 1st pretty head with very dark eye,  a well balanced hound who moved as a Deerhound should.
3rd Finnett & Heathcote’s  Hyndsight Dreams Unwind. Nice head, with dark eye strong neck leading to correct shoulder placement, good overall shape moved well but a little erratic at times.

Postgraduate 10 (2a)

1st Helps’  Beardswood Quintessence. Dark coated bitch of good size, pleasing head, with dark eyes, good front & rear angulations, balanced and moved with drive & reach.
2nd Bailey’s  Greyflax Just Peachy,  Pretty bitch, serious far away expression,  nice proportions, balanced, shapely, difficult decision between1 & 2 but just preferred the movement of 1st to day.
3rd Barter & Christian’s  Ehlaradawn Raindances Pretty head with typical expression, neat well set ears strong yet feminine, curves in the right places, but carrying a little extra weight I thought, moved well though a little close behind.

Limit  16 (2a)

1st Morton & Morgan’s Cotherstone Duchenne, Tall elegant strong looking bitch, attractive head with dark eyes and neat folded well-set ears. Strong neck into well laid shoulders good straight front with flat bone, tight knuckled feet, Deep brisket and good tuck up, correct rise over loin & fall away.
Strong hindquarters. Moving easily with a long stride demonstrating reach & drive. (RBB)
2nd Barter & Christian’s  Hoddingrey Strahanna of Ehlaradawn. Pleasing head , though ears could be smaller, dark eyes giving a lovely gentle expression, well shaped bitch in good coat, good bone, knuckled feet, deep brisket ribs carried well back, correct rise over loin, and fall away to well set tail. Moved well at a steady pace.
3rd Trotman’s  Stainlonan Kulang of Penherald  Pretty head with dark eyes and well set neatly folded ears, Strong looking animal who moved well, on good feet.

Open 10 (4a)

1st Peach’s Ch Kilbourne Teliah. Lovely type, strong yet feminine, typical head with dark eyes, neat well-set ears giving a true far away expression. Strong neck into well laid shoulders, good front & rear angulations tightly knuckled feet. Moved with purpose showing both reach and drive, straight coming and going, A very balanced hound. (BB&RBIS)
2nd Taylor’s  Kilbourne Baccarat to Ormanstar Another quality well balanced hound. Lovely head with dark eyes and well set ears, Shapely, curves where they should be, good bone and feet. Moved freely with a long ground covering stride.
3rd Finnett & Heathcote’s  Ch Hyndsight Who’s That Girl  Strong attractive bitch,with lovely out line showing correct angulations front and rear, broad hindquarters with great length from hip to hock and bend of stifle,
Moved well covering the ground with ease.

Veteran 13 (3a)

1st Buswell’s Ghylladare Kinglas of Glenmorlich. 9.5 years old. What a lovely girl, pretty, shapely, alert and ready for action! Moved with enthusiasm free striding covering a lot of ground, and straight both coming & going, a credit to her owner.
2nd Faircloth’s Beardswood Niamh. 8 years old Dark coated bitch, strong neck into good shoulder, deep brisket and adequate tuck up, nice knuckled feet, Moved well with a long stride.
3rd Adams’ Hyfron Ula for Zandahar 9.5 years old. Another very pretty balanced ‘old lady’ shapely with all the assets needed for a Deerhound. Moved willingly and well showing good ground covering strides.

The dog Judge and myself were in complete agreement when deciding overall winners.

Gill Smith  (Judge )

Sunday Specials

Maiden Dog/Bitch

1 Llewellyn's Matahari Mermaid  

Nice head expression, good shoulder placement, moved well, good harsh coat. Front feet could be better.
2 Greenhaigh's Regalflight Poacher of Leksmoor

Sweet baby of six months, nice shape, but not so good in shoulder as (1). Super bone and substance for age.

3 Van Zanten Boomgaard's Nimloth Brandir

Another nice baby, shapely, good feet, nice long stifle, lovely neck.

Special Coursing/Lure chasing          

1 Helps' Beardswood Quinlan

Liked head and ears, nice shape, good feet, could be better balanced, nice harsh coat.

2 Faircloth's Beardswood Niamh at Calbraidh

Nice eye expression, feminine, good feet and width of loin, moved well, but a bit lethargic today

3 Wilson's Hamiltonhill One Vision

Typical head expression, lovely shoulders, moved well. 


1 Mr. & Mrs. Cheshire

Lovely matched pair who moved well together and really strode out.

2 Mr. and Mrs Helps

Another well matched pair, good feet, practically identical.

3 Morton & Morgan

Two lovely heads and expressions, good feet, and moved well.


Finnet & Heathcote

Very well matched team, head identica,l all good feet, and moved exceptionally well.

2 Cheshire

Matching heads good fronts, and type.

3 Germaine ( Switzerland)

Team of younger hounds, but obviously related, good coats, feet good and lovely heads.

Special breeders group

1 Pip Buswell

Peas in a pod, all of them, lovely group.


Very alike, all with good coats and feet.

3 Finnet & Heathcote

Nice heads expressions, similar in type.

Special Not Bred By Exhibitor

1 O'Brien & Quinn's Hoddingrey Terrona

Really liked this bitch, moved freely with drive, lovely overall shape, nice head expression.

2 Cheshire's Kilbourne Teine

Feet ok, nice head expression.

Trentdale Glamis of Lyndorthwin

Very nice bitch, spoiled her chances by being too fed, up feet could be better.

Special Bred By Exhibitor

1 Morton & Morgan's Cotherstone Shot and Steel

Lovely dog, nice length of neck, good coat and shoulder, moved with great drive and front extension.

2 Girling's Pyefleet Scrumpie

Lovely head expression, good ear placement, good coat, nice type.

3 Buswell's Glenmorlich Just For Fun

Very nice shape, good coat, feet could be better in front, good length of neck, and moved well.

Special Rotherwood Stakes

1 Morton & Morgan's Cotherstone Duchenne

Lovely bitch coat good, good feet, lovely overall shape, moved extremely well Pleased to say I awarded this bitch her first CC, and find her just as pleasing today.

2 Girling's Pyefleet Qwilliam

Workmanlike, lovely gentle expression, well laid shoulder good harsh coat, very sound mover.

3 Cheshire's Kilbourne Teine

Nice feminine head, good coat and feet, nice free mover

Judge Stella Blackmore (Melanter)