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Border Union Championship Show 2013 Critique

My first time awarding Challenge Certificates in Deerhounds.
A very enjoyable day judging Deerhounds in Scotland, the breed’s country of origin.
Judging was slightly disrupted by heavy rain showers but, having moved into the wet weather tents, we were fortunate to open up the indoor ring to have a good sized area to move each exhibit; so we stayed!!
Thanks to all owners and exhibitors for contributing to one of my most pleasurable day’s judging dogs; all were sporting and also appeared to enjoy the day and there was an atmosphere of good humour and friendliness.
I was pleased to find some very promising youngsters and some satisfying quality in my winners.
As with other sight hound breeds I have judged, there were many present that were lacking fore chest, spring and any decent depth in chest. Upright fronts were also on show; these points need to be borne in mind when breeding is planned.
However, it was also very pleasing to find several exhibits who had good muscle definition and were in hard condition but regretfully many others did not and it showed both when standing and especially on the move.

Puppy Dog (4)
1st McKinnon’s MOIREACH OSPREY only 6 months old but possessing all the basics and potential for development into a very good adult. He is well boned and has plenty of body substance all through which is so essential in a puppy and is more together in body development at this time than 2nd. Pleasing head and expression, true, well made in front and forequarters with good body and neck leading into well laid shoulders with decent width across the chest. Hindquarters are adequately angulated and of good length although needs to settle and to stand over the ground to show off to his best advantage. He moved well enough coming and going in typical puppy fashion.

2nd Janson’s GADHAR TORR RIGS O’BARLEY TO NIXOPHEL a 9 month old well grown rangy youngster who at present is up on his legs with plenty of air under. He has great scope and a good foundation to body-up and mature into a handsome hound. Pleasing typy head with dark eye and an attractive expression, neat well set ears, good length of neck, true front and having good overall body length and top line. Would hope he settles into himself and improves in lay back of shoulder to balance with his hind angulation. He moved well enough when settled.

3rd Smith- Fenton’s ROSSLYN REIVER

Junior Dog (2)
1st Finnett & Heathcote’s SHAGIEAD REGAN a very shapely 13 month old young male who is pleasing in profile which I preferred to 2nd. Very typical in head which is of the shape I liked but perhaps could have more length. True parallel front with enough lay back of shoulder. Racy in body stature with good rise over the loin flowing to nicely let down hindquarters. Needs to grow on in coat. Moved the better of the two in this class.

2nd Addy’s FINTRALGOR FICKLE FORTUNE a 15 month old male who is larger in overall stature to 1st. He is a good sized male having a powerful appearance but needing to muscle up all through. Pleasing head with well set ears set onto a good length neck. Preferred front of 1st but he has a good depth of brisket and length of ribbing with a moderate top line and has good width across the hindquarters but needing to firm up. Moved freely but needing to settle his action to give of his best.

Novice Dog (3)
1st Taylor’s KILBOURNE USHER TO ORMANSTAR a shapely 21 month old male who is pleasing and balanced in side profile. He is at the “teenage” stage of development and needing to body up and mature into himself. Typical in head shape and proportions with a keen expression. Well boned with a parallel front of ideal width and having decent lay back of shoulder which balances well with his rear angulation. Good thick, close, crisp coat which enhances his breed typical appearance. Moved well and true and the better of this class.



Post Graduate Dog (2/1)
1st Milne & Andrews’ ISLAY’S IARLA TO LEOCH (Imp Deu) dark close coated 18 month old male of pleasing overall shape dog; pleasing head shape with dark eye and neat ears all contributing to his kind but alert expression. Would prefer more return of upper arm but overall he has decent construction. OK in body but would prefer a more pronounced rise in top line and to be firmer in loin. Adequate width in hindquarters; moved with purpose and a nice free easy action.

Limit Dog (4/3)
1st Morton & Morgan’s COTHERSTONE SHOT AND STEEL quality 3 year old male with a powerful appearance; he is balanced and well proportioned in profile and has a very attractive, typical head with dark eyes and an expression I liked. He is well made in front with a strong “reachy” neck and good layback of shoulder with good bone, legs and feet although not the muscle tone of 2nd which, if he had, would complete a quality hound and make him a real contender He has decent depth and is well ribbed back and broad in loin and hindquarters with a pleasing top line Stands firm portraying a balanced all-in proportion picture. Moved with a true sound gait. 

2nd Macbean’s KIRN AT KILLOETER another 3 year old nice quality male who has an athletic, workmanlike appearance and impressed with his toned muscle condition. Pleased all through with his overall make and shape and typical head of the style, proportion and expression I liked. Good width all through with true front, he is well bodied with nicely let down hindquarters giving a very pleasing top line and profile picture. His unsettled movement let him down today.


Open Dog (3/2)
1st Spence & Heathcote’s CH HYNDSIGHT RIDDICK Upstanding, impressive mature looking male who has ring presence and personality/attitude. He has an overall outline I liked with a breed typical look, complimented with his “breed desirable” crisp coat. He has substance throughout and looks a powerful male who could certainly run. Excellent head with neat well set ears and typical expression, strong nicely shaped neck flowing into a well made body and forequarters with a true parallel front. He possesses good depth of chest and proportional length in body with firm, broad, strong hindquarters; moved well with great enthusiasm and purpose and looked a super representative of the breed. My Dog CC winner.

2nd Barret’s CH STRANWITH SYMPHONY another quality hound of powerful stature. He is well boned and has good body substance. He has an attractive typical shaped head with dark eye and a pleasing friendly expression; neat well set ears, good length in neck leading into well enough laid shoulders with ideal width across the chest. He has a crisp, good length coat covering over a lengthy body. Typy top line flowing into firm broad nicely let down hindquarters; Nice low hocks. In the line up I preferred the better body proportions and side profile of 1st.  Moved well and free and close up to 1st. My Reserve Dog CC winner.

Puppy Bitch (6/ 5)
1st Taylor’s KILBOURNE PANDORA TO TALORPECHE an 8 month old quality youngster who I would say has a promising future in the show ring. She has good bone, is well grown, is very shapely and is all in proportion with all the right curves and angles in the correct places. She has the basic foundation of make and shape to develop into a sound hound of speed and power. Well constructed all through with the head, expression and all the breed typical qualities essential in a good Deerhound. Moved well with true extension and drive and with confidence and purpose. Best Puppy in Breed. 

2nd Robertson’s CHUILINN WHISPER a nice quality 11 month old youngster who has plenty of typical features with a pleasing head shape of good proportions and having an amiable expression. She has an overall outline and shape I liked with balance and proportion. Needs more schooling to show of her best; she moved out well enough with purpose and confidence. She has promise which is all you can wish for in a puppy.


Junior Bitch (1)
1st Friend & Redmond’s SHAGIEAD LADY SEA WITH GREYBROWS a super profiled 13 month old D/G who possesses a lovely head of good length and width with good ears and a dark eye presenting an expression that I liked. She has a correctly shaped neck of good length which with her length and shape of body provides an attractive overall outline. She has a true well made front and forequarters and has ideal width all through. Pleasing length and angulation of hindquarters. She moved ok but needs to behave and settle on the move to compliment her construction.

Novice Bitch (4)
1st Macbean’s ENNSAI AT KILLOETER just over 18 months of age and developing well into maturity. She has good construction and has an overall make and shape I liked with firm substance of body without loss of capability of breed function. Pleasing in head which is well set on a firm neck of good length; true front and having ideal body length with flowing lines and good rise over the loin. She had the better outline and was the best mover of this class.
2nd Davis’ KILBOURNE NIMBLE AT MARIVON a typy looking 2½ year old who is pleasing in side profile and overall shape. She has a feminine but nicely shaped head of good width/length proportions. Good width in front and all through but did prefer front construction of 1st. She is nicely ribbed back with just enough spring with pleasing overall body length and covering; adequate in angulation of hindquarters. Moved freely with a good side gait but needs to be more precise in front.


Post Graduate Bitch (6)
1st Smart’s KESSOCH MARSCO OF GREYSTIEL a mature rising 3 year old who has a quality look with the outline and shape that I liked. Feminine, typical shaped  head with a super expression; good length neck set into well laid shoulders. Lovely substance and bone with good spring of rib. Pleasing texture in coat; She has balance in angulations front and rear and standing portrays an attractive picture. Moved out well and was the best mover of this class.

2nd Robertson’s CHUILINN MAGDALENA another 2½ year old very typy bitch who also pleased in overall shape in profile which I preferred to 3rd. True front of ideal width, decent angulation front and rear with a well made body and shapely top line. Moved freely with an easy breed typical side gait.

3rd Parson & McKinnon’s CLAONAIGLEN BUIE

Limit Bitch (8)
1st Parson & McKinnon’s CLAONAIGLEN FIONNELIGHE one who has an attractive overall outline with an “in her prime” mature look. She excels in profile balance and body proportions with an eye pleasing top line. Soundly constructed in front and forequarters with ideal width all through and firm body substance. Good feet which I preferred to 2nd. Powerful and the better hindquarters of the class which she used well on the move and moved best of this class.

2nd Pursglove’s STRANWITH ARIA AT ROGUESMOOR a super typy 3 year old mature bitch who is rangy and having a look of a strong running hound. Pleasing outline and top line; attractive head, eye and expression. Reachy strong neck of pleasing contour set into good shoulders. True front but would prefer more compact front feet. Moved out with a free easy action.

3rd Morton & Morgan’s COTHERSTONE DUCHENNE

Open Bitch (5/4)
1st Taylor’s KILBOURNE BACCARAT TO ORMANSTAR a super quality mature 4 year old who is soundly constructed all through and pleases the eye both standing and on the move. She is shapely with a good length coat of correct texture. Attractive feminine head with typical expression, good bone and firm body substance. She has a very pleasing overall body construction of super shape and length for a bitch of her substance and powerful look. Sound in construction in front and hindquarters. She has satisfying spring and depth of chest and well constructed forequarters. A lovely example of the breed to whom I awarded the Bitch CC and Best of Breed and also pleased to see her top the Hound Group… Congratulations!!

2nd Finnett & Heathcote’s HYNDSIGHT DREAMS UNWIND a very shapely 3 year old bitch. Super feminine features, she is well balanced with a very attractive head and having a good dark eyes of pleasing shape giving a lovely expression. Pleasing well set ears and having a desired aquiline nose. Dark correct textured coat providing a pleasing body cover and complimenting her body profile. True front with balance in angulations front/rear. Racy body and having depth and spring of rib and ribbed well back. She has a lighter look than 1st and was light in action on the move. Just preferred the width and substance of 1st. My Reserve Bitch CC winner.