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Hound Association of Scotland 2012 Critique

Puppy Dog (3)

  1. Rosslyn Qonnor

Six months old, powerful, masculine puppy, still obviously not fully grown, but very promising and with lovely construction. Beautiful head, typical rose ears and highly typical expression. Strong neck, already with a nape. Well developed in his body with excellent volume. Strong front, good forechest. Still immature in his body shape, but shows more shape moving than standing. Pleasing coat. Very sound mover.

  1. Gentiehun Ayres Rock

Instantly attractive puppy with excellent long and curvy lines. Refined head. Beautiful eyes and expression. Needs to develop in body volume and stabilize in his hindquarters, but impressed with his handsome silhouette and balance in side movement.

  1. Leoch Ian

Junior Dog (3)

  1. Tyark’s Francoises Friend

Well made dog with attractive balance, everything fits, but I would prefer a little more of him for a male of his age. Well chiselled head, lovely expression. Elegant neck. Pleasing silhouette, just enough arch of loin. Needs to develop more volume in his chest and body. Moved very light on his feet and with enthusiasm and again with an attractive balance.

  1. Gentiehun Desert Orchid

Young dog, not unlike the winner in several ways, including the model. Attractive expression even though his ears are not his fortune. Elegant neck. Balanced angulation. Would prefer some more arch of loin. Moved well from the side.

  1. Regalflight Clarion von Intack

Post Graduate Dog (4,2)

  1. Cotherstone Shot and Steel

Powerful, sturdy, very masculine dog, well constructed, but I would prefer some more length of leg and thus more elegance. Typical, masculine head, dark eyes, excellent ears. Strong neck. Balanced angulation both ends. Excellent coat quality – thick and harsh. Would have preferred some more curves to his outline. Moved very well indeed from the side.

  1. Nixophel Cinnabar of Glenhaigh

Very upstanding and eyecatching male, quite a contrast to the winner. Quality head, excellent expression. Too straight in upper arm and lacking in forechest. Attractive body silhouette, but will need to develop more volume with age. Elegant mover from the side, but needs to stabilize both ends.

Limit Dog (3)

  1. Cusidh Righ Innse Gall

Workmanline, shapely dog with an attractive outline. Typical head, his eyes are not the darkest, but he still has a pleasing expression. Needs a little more handling to show his neck to advantage. Not yet fully developed in his depth of chest. Typical, well balanced mover from the side. Excellent coat.

  1. Graizelund Rock and Roll of Glenhaigh

Eye-catching houndy dog. Lovely head and expression. I would refer more layback of upper arm and more volume in his body. Standing he could cover some more ground, but comes into himself in side movement, very light on his feet and with a lovely natural carriage – and then he covers ground as well. Also one of rather few who moved well coming and going.

  1. Leoch Garry

Open Dog (5)

  1. Ch. Stranwith Symphony

A beautiful dog with plenty of scope, covering much ground. Average head with more stop than ideal, but excellent ears and a very pleasing expression. Strong neck. Excelled in front angulation with correct layback of upper arm which is a very rare quality in the breed. Deep and capacious chest. Very generous in his proportions with attractive flow of lines and balance. Plenty of angulation behind. Moving rather wide behind, but highly typical from the side with long, springing and floating strides. Shown in a very good jacket. CC

  1. Lord Seafield of Hartvalley

Another very attractive, powerful, masculine dog of excellent type and quality. Masculine head, dark eyes. Strong neck. He is very good to go over as he is in excellent condition. Balanced angulation both ends. Very attractive outline. Correct coat quality. Moved OK from all angles, but not always in sync. Excellent coat. resCC.

  1. Hyndsight Riddick

Puppy Bitch (6)

A very good class with some excellent bitches, but in very different stages of development.

  1. Kilbourne Nimble

Powerful, impressive, very well constructed bitch puppy, still only six months old and thus not fully grown in her legs. Strong head, yet feminine, ears rather heavy at this stage. Strong neck. Very well angulated both ends. Deep and capacious chest. Very attractive, curvy body silhouette, excellent bone, standing very firmly on her feet. Beautiful coat. Moved remarkably well from all angles for such a young puppy. Best Puppy

  1. Gentiehun Adelaide

Somewhat older bitch, more grown up on legs, another with a very pleasing front, including forechest and layback of upper arm. Head a bit plain and would prefer more length of skull and muzzle. Long neck. Attractive topline giving her a very pleasing silhouette. Good coat. Moved well.

  1. Kilbourne Maudmeg at Glenhaigh

Junior Bitch (3)

  1. Kwaricott Charisma

Instantly attractice, very mobile bitch. Typical head, although a little sharp in her expression. Strong neck. Moderate layback of upper arm and not yet fully developed in her forechest. Very attractive body silhouette. Excellent coat. Has plenty of energy and showed a beautiful balance in movement.

  1. Chuilinn Magdalena

Another feminine bitch with a very attractive type and quality. Refined head, I would prefer a little more strength of foreface. Moderate, but balanced angulation both ends. Needs to develop some more body mass and weight. Came into her own in movement; very light on her feet and elegant.

  1. Gentiehun Tulip

Post Graduate Bitch (11,2)

One or two really good bitches in this class were far too thin and placed lower than what their overall side picture might suggest.

  1. Bannetstane Rudba Cadail

Eye-catching bitch of very appealing type and quality, she has class and style. Attractive, feminine head. Long neck. Acceptable front. She covers a lot of ground with lovely, balanced body curves making a lovely outline. Very good coat quality. At times very playful in the ring and then lifting her front feet too much, but made sense in movement when more relaxed. A really good bitch, well worth making an effort to train properly for the show ring.

  1. Kessoch Marsco of Greystiel

Elegant bitch, very feminine, she scores in elegance more so than in substance. Beautiful head, excellent eyes and expression. Attractive neck. Rather straight in upper arm. Very pleasing body curves. Very good coat. Moved efficiently from the side, very light on her feet.

  1. Stranwith Aria of Roguesmoor

Limit Bitch (6)

  1. Glenfoyble Filliberry

Very workmanlike, strong and well constructed bitch, excelling in movement. Her head is plain and lacks refinement, indeed she excels in soundness over quality. Neat ears. Strong neck. Excellent body, deep, strong and well developed, attractive curvy body shape. Standing rather wide in front, but this could be somewhat corrected by the handler. Most impressive in side movement, powering around the ring, also very good coming and going. I would take this bitch out on the field to hunt any day, but those focusing on the icing of the cake might miss her completely.

  1. Freyja at Nobys

Attractive bitch with a very pleasing overall balance. Scored in head over the winner. Excellent neck with typical nape. Very good layback of upper arm. Just enough shape of topline. Ample coat. Moved reasonably well from all angles, but with nowhere near the energy of the winner.

  1. Killoeter Pieris at Canerikie

Open Bitch (7)

  1. Charbonnel Fliss

Just simply beautiful! As soon as she entered the ring, I found it very difficult to take my eyes off her, and to me she exemplifies the utmost quality in the breed. She is not only well proportioned, has a very beautiful silhouette and a lot of class, but she also exudes a highly typical breed character and most attractive attitude which only a Deerhound can have. Beautiful head, dark eyes. Typical nape of neck. Acceptable front angulation. Deep chest, superb body curves. Excellent coat quality. Her body was well covered with muscles and body mass which I found lacking in many today. She moved out well with excellent balance, at all times keeping her outline, very good coming and going. I felt fortunate to have had my hands on her. CC and BOB.

  1. Ch.Hyndsight Who’s That Girl

Generous, powerful bitch of excellent type and quality. Feminine head. Attractive neck. Balanced angulation in front and behind. Very good bone, attractive outline. Moved well from all angles, but could do with some more pride. A really good bitch, but was nevertheless outshone by the winner. resCC

  1. Gentiehun Mia May

Espen Engh, Norway (judge)