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Windsor 2011 Critique



I love judging Deerhounds , and I would like to thank the exhibitors for putting forward a good sized, quality entry for me to judge today, it was much appreciated in these times of increasing costs. As always the hounds were delightful characters and the exhibitors very polite and sporting about my decisions. There were some good typical hounds for me to assess with many beautiful heads in evidence. There were no bad mouths or irregular teeth to be seen, but more large ears poorly carried than I have seen before. The most noticeable prevalent good point was excellent shoulder blade lay-back and inclination. The most prevalent set of faults were in the feet and pasterns – some hounds had the difficult combination of weak flat feet and very upright front pasterns which can lead to break down when hunting. There was also a noticeable lack of muscle in about a third of hounds, and some hounds were very thin - a modest fat reserve is essential for providing a quick energy source on long hunts and also in the event of serious illness.


1.Lucas & Dargonne SORISDALE MACKECHNIE FOR PACKWAY. Very beautiful almost 10yrs old bitch with excellent construction and loads of curves. Lovely head, very good neck and loinarch. Very good feet. Lacking muscle throughout but still moved very well.

2.Seymour-Jackson GHILTAN LARCH. Larger bitch with heavier bone, just over 10yrs old, with a lovely outline. Nice feminine head. Very good loin arch. Shown in rather light condition. Moved well for age.




1.Bond HARROPINE LAZARUS. Very handsome eyecatching 10mth pup. Great head, masculine, chiselled, but not coarse. Very good neck, shoulder and upperarm. Very good topline, well angulated hindquarters but standing a bit cowhocked, and this was also evident in his hindmovement. Excellent side and front movement, with long elastic stride. One to watch for the future.

2.Taylor KILBOURNE WOODSMAN TO ORMANSTAR. 11mth old, another good looking pup with lovely general outline. Straighter in shoulder and upperarm and flatter feet than 1st. Very good hindangulation and strong hocks. Movement close in front, good behind but today lacks elasticity, drive, and length of stride.



1.Spence HYNDSIGHT ASH INTO SHAGIEAD. 19mth with gorgeous head and tiny ears. Very good neck, shoulders, and upperarm. Excellent bone and feet. Lovely topline and tuckup. Good muscle and hind angulation. Moved with elasticity and length of stride, good to and fro.

2.Bye NIXOPHEL GREYFLINT. Tall curvaceous 21mth old but very narrow all through and lacking muscle. Head poor with coarse skull and indent between eyes. Good neck. Front assembly straighter than 1st. Short pelvis resulting in weaker hindquarters. Movement lacking drive and reach, flipping front paw outwards.


1.Spence & Heathcote HYNDSIGHT RIDDICK. Very classy 3yr old. Lovely typical head. Excellent neck with lovely arch at top, well set into very good shoulders and upperarms. Needs more loinarch, but is sufficient. Very good chest depth and breast width. Strong well-muscled hindquarters with good angulation. Good bone. Feet could be tighter. Moved freely with long stride and elasticity. Could be stronger in hind legs on initial drive away at trot. Overall a very good hound and worthy Reserve CC winner.

2.Wilson HAMILTONHILL FRED D MERCURY. Smaller, narrow, and rather immature 3yr old who will be a very good hound if he fills out. Excellent head, nice neck, very good shoulders and upperarm. Excellent topline and underline. Needs to broaden and develop strength everywhere. Moved beautifully.



1.Barret STRANWITH SYMPHONY. Very, very handsome medium sized hound. Gorgeous head, great neck, shoulder, and upperarms. Very good topline with strong loinarch, and deep chest with high tuckup. Big strong broad hindquarters. A bit thin, but good muscle throughout. Movement very good, free long stride with power and elasticity. Happy to award him the DOG CC.

2.Taylor KILBOURNE JAMES DENE TO ORMANSTAR. Silver grey with very good muscling throughout. Head not typical with a roundish skull. Very good neck, and outline. Upright in front pastern and tends to knuckleover. Good hindquarters. Good feet. Moved very well with light long stride, true front and back.



Two 5yr old hounds present and difficult to choose between them.

1.Helps CH GREYFRIARS GILLE OF BEARDSWOOD. Dark dog with good head and tiny rose ears. Good neck and shoulders, rather straight upperarms. Front pasterns a bit upright and front toes twisted slightly. Topline OK but needs more loinarch. Needs more chest depth. Good hindquarters with good breadth and muscling. Moved steadily and true but lacking drive and reach.

2.Gilhooley & Morrissey LORD SEAFIELD OF HARTVALLEY. Different type of hound. Skull rather round with low set flat ears. Neck rather short and shoulders and upperarms a bit straight. Front toes twisted outward. Better topline and depth of chest than 1st. Adequate hindquarters. Movement similar to 1st.



1.Peach KILBOURNE TELIAH. Standing alone, but a real star quality baby at just 7mths old. Gorgeous head, eyes, and ears. Excellent conformation, curves in all the right places giving a great outline. Good bone and feet. Strong, feminine and elegant, with a delightful personality too. Moved superbly with a long elastic stride, plenty of drive from strong hocks, true front and back. BEST PUPPY.


1.Peach KILBOURNE WENDELA. Also alone in her class, a very nice 11mth old. Lovely head slightly spoilt by largish low set ears. Excellent neck and frontquarters, though a bit upright in front pasterns. . Very good underline and topline, well angulated strong hindquartes with good muscling. Moved well but not using hockjoint as well as MPB.


1.McGill COTHERSTONE TAKE SILK. I loved this black brindle 15mth old bitch. She has great presence and the most amazing shape from her gorgeous head with tiny rose ears, through her long,strong well arched broadbased neck, muscular back with strongly arched loin to her big broad well angulated hindquarters. She is the image of the Deerhounds in the 19th Century woodcuts when Deerhounds were still hunting red deer in Scotland. At present she is a bit soft in frontfeet and pasterns which is reflected in slightly flappy front movement. Side movement is excellent with great stride length and good drive from behind. Awarded Club cup for Best Under 2yrs D or B. A close contender for the CC, just too babyish still.

2.Rose HYNDSIGHT SUMMER BREEZE. 13mth old of more slender type. Very pretty head, good neck but lacking arch. Good general outline, and well angulated hindquarters . A fragile looking bitch with soft feet and pasterns. Side gait quite good but no flexion in hock joint so lacks drive. Front movement flapping feet.


4 very nice bitches.

1.Spence HYNDSIGHT RIPLEY INTO SHAGIEAD. 19mth old and what a beauty. Caught my eye as soon as she came in the ring with her excellent type and lovely curvaceous outline.Beautiful feminine head with small rose ears. Strong nicely arched neck of good length, well set into excellent shoulders and upperarm. Good bone and strong muscles throughout. Excellent topline and underline – all the right curves. Broad strong well angulated hindquarters with good hocks. One negative comment – her feet are OK but need to be tighter. Movement lovely to watch, light, elastic, longstriding, powerful but effortless, true front and back. Bitch CC and BOB.

2.Day & O’Brien CELTICMOON SHADOWMANCER. Another lovely young bitch with a good outline and good general type, but a naughty fidget in the ring ! Very nice head, decent neck but needs more arch. Good front and hindquarters. She needs to mature and strengthen throughout. Moved well from side, back and front.



1.Adams ARDNEISH PANTALAIMON. Lovely feminine dark brindle 2yr old, with shapely outline and regal carriage. Good head slightly marred by ears set a tad low. Very nice strong arched neck well set into very good shoulders and upper arms. Particularly good frontlegs, feet and pasterns. Deep chest, good tuckup and strongly arched loin. Needs more width through breast, more spring of rib and a bit more condition – when she gains these she will be outstanding. Strong broad muscular hindquarters with good angulation. Moved very well with elastic long stride, powerful and true. Reserve Bitch CC

2.Bailey GREYFLAX CRYSTAL. Somewhat different type, longer cast and somewhat less curvy. Good head shape spoilt by large and flattish ears. Neck a bit short but set correctly into nicely made front quarters. Good depth of chest and tuckup. Needs more loinarch and more hindangulation. Feet very flat. Well developed muscles throughout. Moved soundly and efficiently.



1.Peach AIN’T MISS BEHAVIN AT KILBOURNE. 21 mth handsome and eyecatching dark brindle bitch who didn’t always show herself off to her advantage. Lovely aristocratic head with tiny rose ears. Excellent long strong arched neck well set into very good shoulders. Upperarms good length but very upright at times. Good front legs, pasterns and feet. Excellent outline, very nice hindquarters with good muscling. Moved very well from side with good reach and drive, good hock flexion, true front and back. A strong contender for the CC.

2.Morgan LADYGROVE CALAMITY JANE AT AMIRO. Smaller longer cast bitch with a very good outline. Good head and ears. Nice neck and shoulder with straightish upperarms. Very flat feet. Excellent hindquarters with good muscling. Moved out with reach and drive.



1.Taylor & Peach BRACKENLAND TAN AT KILBOURNE. Stylish bitch with good ring presence. Very pretty head, good ears. Lovely arched neck well set into good shoulders but upperarms a bit straight. Soft front feet and pins in on the move. Sufficient arch in loin but overall needs more curves in her outline. Quite well angulated hindquarters with good hocks. Moved well from side and rear.

2.Jansons CH NIXOPHEL CRYSTAL AMETHYST JW SH.CM. Very pretty head with flattish ears. Nice neck and shoulders. Good outline.Very flat feet. Nicely made hindquarters with good muscling. Movement true front and back, side movement not as good as 1st.