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Blackpool 2011 Critique

I am very sorry to say that my Dictaphone played up during the judging and I have absolutely no notes either, which is so embarrassing for me. As you will know already, the Deerhound is one of my absolute favourite breeds, and I can only apologize for the lack of detailed critique. These are only recollections…and hopefully accurate.

Veteran d/b 1 Shannon’s Lealla Joka. Eight year old bitch, nice and typical, who has a pleasant feminine head and 2. same owner’s Lealla is Fearr. Ten year old bitch with a nice outline, shown in nice condition for her age.. Lovely to see two veterans enjoying their day, even on this rather wet and blustery day.

Puppy dog (1) Taylor’s Kilbourne Woodsman to Ormanstar. Tall boy, still very much a puppy in outline and whose lack of depth of chest makes for a very long legged appearance. Good bone and presentation.

Junior (4, 2 abs) 1. Rhodes & Morton’s Gentom Semper Fi. Thirteen month old of lovely shape, more medium size. Well presented and considerately handled as always by his young handler 2. Morton & Morgan’s Cotherstone Shot and Steel, sorry cannot recall details of this young dog

Postgrad (1) 1. Wilson’s Hamiltonhill Fred D Mercury. Sorry cannot recall details.

Limit (8, 2 abs) 1. Rose’s Gentiehun Tain, 2. Kilbourne James Dene to Ormanstar 3. Hyndsight Riddick.

Open dog (4, 1) 1 and CC: Peach’s Kilbourne Firechief. Five year old dog, now beautifully mature and finished and presenting a beautiful outline. A very nice sized dog, not overly tall or substantial, built on longer lines. Handsome head. excellent neck and nicely angulated front, proper bone for his size and make. Excellent topline, proper fall away over the croup and tailset, nicely angulated hindquarters. I understand that he had been held back from the show ring to finish maturing; well I was very happy with the overall picture and I was told that he was made up into a champion on the day. 2 and res. Cc: Barret’s Stranwith Symphony. Most handsome and nicely masculine dog of just three years, but so well finished all over. Very handsome head, lovely expression from well placed eyes. Excellent strong neck, very well angulated shoulder and upper arm, proper bone for his size. Deep capacious chest. Excellent croup, tailset and hindquarters. For me could show more rise over the loin. Most handsome dog, very worthy of a Ch. title. 3. Cscarf o’ Cockaigne (imp)

Minor puppy bitch (3, 1 abs) 1. Peach’s Kilbourne Teliah. Shapely baby, size appropriate for her age. 2. Chuilinn Magdalena, sorry no recollection.

Puppy bitch (3, 1 abs) 1. Finnett & Heathcote. Hyndsight Dreams Unwind (AI) Tall and well grown dark bitch, lovely long limbs. Feminine head. Free and happy mover. 2. Canerikie Coco Clarissa. Sorry no recollection.

Junior bitch (4, 1 abs) 1. Morton & Morgan’s Cotherstone Duchess 2. Gentom Sea of Tranquility 3. Gentiehun Thyme sorry no recollections from this class.

Graduate. (8, 1abs) 1, CC and Best of Breed. Taylor’s Kilbourne Baccarat to Ormonstar. My little star of the day, this feminine and shapely bitch, a most classic outline. Sweet head, perhaps a bit strong over the skull, lovely small ears. Good neck and shoulder, upper arm could be set back more, excellent bone for size and make. Excellent top and underlines. Lovely set of croup to wide, nicely angulated hindquarters. On the move excels in that special light ground covering action that for me is so typical of this breed. Her first CC, but I see that she won another a few weeks later under a noted breed specialist, congratulations. 2.Killoeter Pieris at Canerike. Very well grown, tall and lovely bitch, unlucky to meet the winner and strongly considered for the res. CC. Nice head, of quite different planes than winner’s; excellent neck and shoulder, excellent strong bone to fit her large frame. Excellent croup and wide hindquarters. Very impressive bitch overall. 3. Killoieter Peggy (littersister I would think)

Postgrad bitch (11, 3 abs) 1. Bailey’s Greyflax Crystal. No specific recollections from this class except that the winner stood way for type and quality for me. 2. Hyndsight Ripley into Shagiead. 3. Ardneish Pantalaimon

Limit bitch (12, 2 abs) 1. Doak’s Rosslyn Plainsong. Beautifully grown and strongly made bitch of lovely type. Very nice head, good strong neck, well laid back shoulders, upper arm could be more smoothly set back. Excellent depth of body, firm topline, nice wide croup and hindquarters. Today I found her topline, although well muscled, to be too flat. Excellent mover. 2. Kilbourne Jenifer Jupitor to Greyflax. Very shapely bitch, excelling in her long strong neck and her well angulated forehand, with a nicely set back upper arm. Nice head, rather strong, ears rather deeply set. Excellent topline and croup, today tending to stand over herself behind. Beautiful type. 3. Regalflight Blizzard at Ollandsheart.

Open bitch (2) 1. and res CC Taylor & Peach’s Brackenland Tan at Kilbourne. Three year old bitch of excellent type. Nice head, well placed ears Good strong neck, nicely laid back shoulder, somewhat upright upper arm. Proper bone for size. Excels in her lovely topline and croup. Hindquarters of medium angulation. A most worthy bitch. 2. Greyflax Millie Mollie Mandy. Five year old bitch, again a really excellent type and with a lovely outline. Very nice head and expression, good strong neck. Nicely angulated front, although upper arm could be more smoothly set back to elbow. Also today she tended to stand rather wide over her elbows. Lovely topline, and good strong hindquarters. Moved well.

Mrs. Dagmar Kenis Pordham