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Three Counties 2011 Critique

Class 131 PD (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 532 TAYLOR Miss S J Kilbourne Woodsman To Ormanstar 10 months, beautiful head with tranquil expression, excellent overall balance, strong but elegant neck, standing he appears to lack a little angulation but he makes the most of what he has on the move. Quality coat, well boned.

Class 132 JD (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 531 STABB, Miss T & TAYLOR Mr R Laird Of Summerisle 14 months with balanced head, slightly light eye, good overall shape and balance, well filled front, moderate angulation, good profile movement but a little close behind, rugged coat.
2nd: 528 PURSGLOVE Mrs M Stranwith Abednego To Roguesmoor, 15 months, a little longer cast so with lots of scope, although older than 1 looks a lot less finished. Not quite the head planes of 1, super neck and lots of angulation but needs to fill out in front, strengthen behind and generally tighten on the up and down.

Class 133 PGD (4 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 539 WRAGG Mrs J Neroche Irving, not the tallest but well balanced with excellent head type if a little light in eye. Superb front angulation and complementary rear, well boned and ribbed, comes on true but goes away a little close. Really covers the ground well in profile.
2nd: 537 WILLIAMS Mrs S Addicted To Love, more masculine than 1 but not as neat in ear and also his eyes could be darker. More defined topline than 1 on the move but does not go as accurately up and down and his tail carriage could be more relaxed.

Class 134 LD (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 520 MORGAN Miss L Hyndsight Meteor, really impressive overall type with the most glorious head and benign expression and one of the best eye colours in the entry. Excellent neck and flowing, sweeping outline with optimum angles. Moves so freely with an effortless side gait. Just needs a little more body covering and could be steadier coming on. Still his many virtues and overall picture warranted the RCC.
2nd: 533 TAYLOR Miss S J Kilbourne James Dene To Ormanstar, lighter in eye and stronger in backskull than 1 also a little shorter in neck. Not quite as defined in topline as 1 but in great nick and very impressive up and down.
3rd: 506 FRANCIS, Mr J & BLATCHFORD Miss W Cloweswood Acer of Peopleton

Class 135 OD (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 529 RHODES, Mr T & Mrs J & MORTON Mr D J Ch Gentom Peacemaker, have admired him before in variety situations so it was interesting to get him in the breed where he continued to impress enormously. Fully mature and in wonderful form, he oozes masculinity and type and his steady movement is so admirable with perfect footfall and effortless ground covering. Pleasing head and expression, flowing lines, looks like a noble but rugged working hound. Sympathetically handled to take CC & BOB and later G2 under Jill Peak.
2nd: 489 ADAMS Miss B Cscarf O'cockaigne Imp, matched 1 well in general shape and balance. Could have a darker eye but well bodied and angulated, was in good coat but moves rather close behind.
3rd: 504 HIRD Mrs S Cloweswood Fagus

Class 136 PB (7 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 524 PEACH Mr M J & Mrs G M Kilbourne Teliah, at first this gave me a real conundrum as at 6 months she was markedly lower on leg than 1 and not being a Deerhound breeder I was unsure whether or not she will come up on leg. However, the minute I sent them around the ring it was all over and my gut feeling was that here is something extra special. Her head and overall construction are absolutely superb and she was a joy to go over. For her age her deportment, carriage and movement were utterly amazing as she appeared to just float around the ring. Won BP by a margin and later PG2 – would definitely have won the prize for “the one the judge would like to take home” and I will watch her progress with great interest.
2nd: 494 BARTER, Mrs S. E. & CHRISTIAN Mrs A.B. Ehlaradawn Raindances, 10 ½ months and a total contrast in shape and balance being leggy and necky. Feminine head, not the superb angulation of 1 either in front or behind & consequently not the effortless reach & drive.
3rd: 493 BARTER, Mrs S. E. & CHRISTIAN Mrs A.B. Ehlaradawn Lady Fantasy

Class 137 JB (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 495 BARTER, Mrs S. E. & CHRISTIAN Mrs A.B. Hoddingrey Strahanna Of Ehlaradawn, 15 months high stationed, necky with lovely head type but slightly light eye. Fabulous angles, good length and scope, moves really well in profile but needs to tighten in front. Promising coat.
2nd: 514 LEWIS Mr A & Mrs V Greyhawks Romanie Rakli To Luckhurst, 14 months with quality head but again rather light eye. Not quite the front angulation of 1 and is rather more compact so doesn’t have the same scope in profile.
3rd: 527 PURSGLOVE Mr K Stranwith Aria at Roguesmoor

Class 138 PGB (11 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 534 TAYLOR Miss S J Guinivere Starshire From Kilbourne, not the tallest but in fantastic muscular condition. Beautiful head and expression, curvaceous outline with enough neck, moderate angles, well ribbed and in good coat and she moved steadily.
2nd: 491 BAILEY Mr G & Mrs N B Greyflax Crystal, although she stands rather straight behind she actually moves out well and demonstrates more reach and drive than you would expect from the static picture. Balanced head, pleasing eye, ample neck, firm topline.
3rd: 517 LLEWELLYN Miss K A Matahari Mermaid

Class 139 LB (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 525 PEACH Mr M J & Mrs G M Ain't Miss Behavin At Kilbourne, just loved her overall type, balance and outline and when she moved it was a joy to behold. Quality head, powerful elegant neck, excellent angulation all through and her impeccable conformation obviously enables her to move so effortlessly and accurately. A truly functional hound who was an easy winner of the CC. Should be a most worthy Champion.
2nd: 521 MORGAN Mrs A Ladygrove Calamity Jane At Amiro, standing looked noble, rugged & essentially typical. Feminine head, a little light in eye, good length of neck, impressive angles but tends to snatch a little in front so does not have the exceptionally fluid frontal reach of 1 but her overall type is excellent.
3rd: 502 FINNETT, Miss S L & HEATHCOTE Miss N Hyndsight Into The Mystic

Class 140 OB (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 503 FINNETT, Miss S L & HEATHCOTE Miss N Ch Hyndsight Who's That Girl, loved her overall type and outlook, excellent head and neck, good angles, quality coat, steady mover, could just be better over the croup. RCC
2nd: 510 JANSONS Miss H R Ch Nixophel Crystal Amethyst JW Sh.CM, admired her before and still like her enormously for her overall type, shape and balance. She appeals for her scope and curves, but today was not going as steadily as 1.
3rd: 526 PLATT Mrs S Charbonnel Fliss