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Border Union 2010 Critique

PD (2) 1 Cartmell's Cusidh Gaidhealtahd Smaller of two brothers but better balanced for age. Good strong neck. Correct top -line and angulation Feet tighter and moved more freely. BP 2 Cartmell's Cusidh Homecoming, Bigger darker puppy with good dark eyes. Had all the good points of his brother but wasn't helping his handler on the day

JD (1) 1 Mullen's Killoeter Pintail. Well grown exuberant youngster. Typical head with dark eyes Good top line and quarters. Softish coat. Feet could be tighter . Promising.

ND (2) 1 Smith-Fenton's Cufenidd Stag of Intack A lighter type. Attractive head, not over – furnished. Perhaps a little upright in front. Well muscled with well muscled second thigh. Hard condition reflected in his free movement. 2 Killoeter Pintaill

PGD (5-2) 1 Cartmell's Cusidh Righ Innse Gall Dark young dog. Not heavily coated. Good forechest and quarters. Well muscled and very much of greyhound type. Free easy movement. 2 Rose's Gentiehun Tain Heavier coated light grey dog..Eye hazel – appropriate for coat colour. Well angulated and in hard muscular condition. Top line slightly flatter and preferred movement of 1. 3 Foy's Glenfoyble in the Gloaming

LD (6-0) 1 Hawkins' Qwaricott Archimago Medium sized dog with pleasing typical head and kind dark eye..Good angulation with correct placement of front. Not over-coated. Well muscled and fit. Sound free movement. Very pleased to award CC & BOB. 2 Milne & Andrews Leoch Fiddich A smaller dog with a slightly straighter front. Pleasing head and nice dark eye. Good top line well maintained on the move. Well muscled with the impression of the explosive power of the true worker. 3 Adams Cscarf O'Cockaigne.

OD (4-2) 1 Barret's Stranwith Ebenezer. The lighter of these two very good dogs. Attractive, not over furnished head. Well balanced with good tuck up Preferred movement of limit winner. RCC 2 Girling's Pyefleet Qwilliam Heavier type in hard condition. Good head but would have preferred darker eye. Structure conformation and movement of a sound working type.

PB (10-1) 1McIntyre's Bannetstane Rubha Cadail Promising puppy enjoying herself in true puppy fashion. Nice head with dark eyes. Lovely flowing lines. Well proportioned for her age. Balanced with good top line. Tight feet. 2 Hawkins Quaricott Aurora Another very pleasing puppy. Balanced over-all with good muscle and tight feet. Marginally preferred the front of 1 but they have still lots of development ahead. 3 Girling's Pyefleet Sabine

JB (3-0) 1 Rose's Jacobite Rosanne to Gentiehun A tall dark bitch in hard condition. Head plain without much furnishing yet and none the worse for that. Strong neck. Good front and rear angulation with well muscled 2nd thighs. Scored on easy effortless movement. 2 Adams' Ardneish Pantalaimon A more elegant bitch with better feet but not in such hard condition. Over-all construction good but rather flat top-line. Movement not so free. 3 Nichols & Collins' Birkhall Hot Scotch

NB (5-1) 1 Stuart& Holt's Regalflight Blizzard at Ollandsheart. Medium sized bitch with gentle flowing lines.Well shaped head with kind expression. Strong well curved neck. Good balanced angulation. Free, flowing movement. 2 Cartmell's Cusidh Perchance to Dream. Darker coloured slightly bigger and more and more elegant bitch. Dark eye to match colour. Matched 1 for construction but not moving quite so well. 3 Rose's Gentiehun Double Agent

PGB (8-3) 1 Platt's Charbonell Fliss Pleasing unexaggerated bitch moving soundly with well maintained top line.Kindly dark eye and typical head without excessive furnishing. Shown on fit condition. 2 Gilhooly's Freyja at Nobys Less substantial bitch with feminine head.Good forechest and nicely sloping croup. Slightly flatter top line. Movement free. 3 Robertson's Chuilinn Afra

LB (5-2) Three quality bitches with not a lot to choose between them. 1 Carr's Oh Suzzanna with Marandike An excellent unexaggerated bitch with curves in all the right places. Nice head and expression. Liked her size and over-all balance. Easy free movement. RCC 2 Finnett & Heathcote's Hyndsight into the Mystic An over-all bigger bitch. Well constructed and well muscled. Another good mover. Just marginally preferred the winner. 3 Jansons' Crystal Amethyst

OB (5-0) 1 Westall-Ives' Stranwith May. Loved her when I first saw . her. Feminine, well muscled and beautifully proportioned with good tuck-up and fallaway. One of the few with tight well knuckled feet. Flowed round the ring. CC 2 Finnett & Heathcote's Hyndsight Who's that Girl Another lovely bitch and an excellent example of the breed. So well constructed but on the day I just preferred the smaller bitch. 3 Cartmell's Ch Drawing Down the Moon to Cusidh.

Marjory McKinnon.