Our Dogs Breed Notes 2011


Issue: 14 th January 2011

I won't be alone in being very saddened to learn from Penny Redmond of the sudden death of dear Dickie Redmond on 16th December 2010.  Dickie was always such a friendly face, it was fun to meet him at the shows and he was always the same - kind, interested, funny and nice to know.  I know he was very popular with their many chums in the south, and he certainly knew how to enjoy a good party.  Penny will have been devastated:  his death was a bolt from the blue and he had celebrated his 70th birthday not long ago.  He and Penny had been together for over 30 years, and shared a love of deerhounds although it was Penny who showed the hounds.  Dickie was on our judges list, but I think he only judged a few times possibly being happier supporting Penny.  What a sad time for Penny.  I know everyone will want to send her their deepest sympathy - and we will all have our own rather special and warm memories of Dickie.

The news of Dickie's death rather knocked me sideways - Christmas is so often a sad time for people.  So I apologise for not mentioning the Chichester show on 30th January that Jean Gilhooly had asked me to - 5 deerhound classes, judged by Vanessa Lucas (Packway).  

LKA Championship Show was held on 12th December, with Mrs Peak judging.  The paper entry of some sixty hounds saw several absentee entries - the snow and weather conditions would definitely have deterred some long-distance travellers.  Best Puppy in Breed was Ms Jordan's Hoddingrey Beeswing, winning from Puppy Bitch.  Best of Breed was Tom and Jean Rhodes & D J Morton's Ch Gentom Peacemaker, who won from Open Dog and the Dog Ticket - what a super year Peace has given them.  The Bitch Ticket was won by Helga Jansons' Ch Nixophel Crystal Amethyst JW ShCM, who won from Open Bitch.  Tony & Sue Phillips' All Guns Blazing for Ladygrove stood alone to win the Junior Dog class, and then went on to win the Reserve CC.  Sue Finnett & Natalie Heathcote's Hyndsight Who's That Girl won the Reserve CC from 2nd in Open Bitch.  

The Colchester show on 19th December was cancelled due to adverse weather conditions - rather bad luck for Lynette Seymour-Jackson who was to judge 3 deerhound classes.  I know there were about ten of us who entered, but I don't know the details.

Luton 3-day Premier Show at Wood Green, Huntingdon just after Christmas drew a nice entry of 30 hounds across 3 classes for Mr Roger Stock to judge.  Alas, half the entry was absent - the proximity to Christmas and the possible change in weather conditions certainly deterred me from travelling.  Helga Jansons Ch Nixophel Crystal Amethyst JW ShCM won the Open class, and went on to win BOB and Group 2 (with Mr R W James judging).  Reserve BOB was Lynette Seymour-Jackson's Ghiltan Hero.  Mary Ann Stuart & Kim Holt's Regalflight Tomahawk was Best Puppy (I guess), from the Junior class.  Helga Jansons had a rather fun time at Luton show, with her Greyflax Lady of the Lake to Nixophel winning AV Veteran Bitch, and then challenging the winning Veteran Dog to take Best Veteran on Day 1.  Helga says that Ophelia did her proud, and returned to successfully challenge for Best Veteran on the third and final day of the show.  Congratulations to Greyflax Lady of the Lake to Nixophel on winning Best Veteran in Show - and winning your owner some decent prize monies!  What a super way to end the year.

Liza Faircloth judged 3 classes at Ashford, Faversham & District and BOB was Pip Buswell's Ghylladare Kinglas of Glenmorlich, winning from the Open class and going on to take Group 2.  Reserve BOB was Lesley Spence's Hyndsight Riddick with Shagiead, and Best Puppy was Hyndsight Summer Breeze.

I can't help feeling the huge increase in travel costs will have an adverse effect on entries over the coming year.  Please support your 'local' open shows - the training ground for both your hound and aspiring big-time judges!  Whatever else you do, please remember that everyone benefits if you have fun and enjoy time spent with your Deerhound.

M J Girling

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m.girling623@btinternet.com n

Issue: 21st January /2011

Just before Christmas I managed to visit Kenneth and B Cassels - warmly ensconced in front of a roaring fire, and was treated to 'proper' afternoon tea.  Kenneth spotted a Muntjack Deer grazing his garden shrubs but wisely resisted the temptation to let loose the whippets!  I was rather impressed by a fine display box, containing quite a small model of a Manchester Terrier.  A trophy awarded by the Manchester Terrier Club for services to the breed, and I think Kenneth was very chuffed to be a recipient.  He, together with a few other people had been instrumental in rescuing the breed from extinction after the last War.  I must try and get a bit more information from Kenneth.

I was sorry to learn from Joss Duddell that Margaret Gomm had a fall and broke her hip, and is in hospital in Exeter.  Joss says Margaret has had an operation and is coping well under the circumstances, and may be moving to a hospital closer to home.  I'm glad to say Sarah is in charge of the dogs, and will be visiting Margaret if a card to her home address seems a good idea to you.  I know Margaret is made of stern stuff, so I do hope she regains her mobility soon.  Everyone will want to send her our very best wishes for a swift recovery.

The other news from Joss was that she is now a Grandmother! Two days before Christmas Dawn was safely delivered of a little girl 'Freya', so warm congratulations to son Mark (Cannon) and Dawn.

M J Girling

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Issue: 4th February 2011

Champ Show Judges 2011: Championship Show Judges for 2011:  Crufts - Mrs Z Rawson;  Hound Association Scotland - Angela Randall; Scottish Breeds - Ann (Sid) Taylor; WELKS - Gill Smith; Birmingham National - Hector Heathcote;  May SKC - Joan Wragg;  Bath - Kay Barret;  Southern Counties - Betina Adams;  Three Counties - Andrew Brace;  Border Union - Nell MacBean*;  Blackpool - Dagmar Kenis Pordham;  Windsor - Ms M McBryde;  South Wales - Marilyn Pursglove;  East of England - Bryan Doak; Leeds - Roly Cross;  Hound Association - Ken Aird;  Bournemouth - Clare Churchill*; Welsh Kennel - Mrs P Mottershaw;  August SKC - Mrs M Nixon;  Richmond - Mick Peach;  Darlington - Mary Girling;  Midland Counties - Per Iverson;  LKA - Denise Courtney; and Crufts 2012 - Anne MacDonald.  Breed Show 2011 - Robin Spence & Penny Redmond;  Referee & Sunday classes Jean Rhodes.  * waiting for KC to OK.

And a change of judge for Banbury Open Show at the Sports Connexion, Rugby on 2nd May.  The schedules have already gone out and the Banbury Secretary has asked me to let you know that the Deerhound classes will now be judged by breed specialist Dr Elise Cartmell.  Closing date for entries 17th March.

Thank you to Helga Jansons who has sent everyone concerned an apology for offering up misinformation regarding winners at Luton Show - Best Puppy should have been Miss W Roses Hyndsight Summer Breeze.

M J Girling

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Issue: 11th February 2011

Great Yarmouth, Gorleston & District CS have a new venue for their open show on Sunday 20th March - and they are putting on 3 Deerhound classes.  The show will be at the Royal Norfolk Showground, Norwich NR5 0TT and the judge is Mrs Rosie Sharp.  Closing date is 18th February - see Deerhound website (www.deerhound.co.uk) for details, or phone the Acting Secretary Mrs Hutson - 01603 702834 for schedule.

Early in January Glenda Adams' Hydfron Ula for Zandahar ShCM won Best Veteran Hound at Worcester & Malvern open show where Mr Julian Barney was the judge.  John Francis, Dee Blatchford and Sue Hird's Cloweswood Scilla won BOB and went on to win Group 2.  At the Welsh Kennel Club open Glenda's Hydfron Ula went on to win BOB, Best Veteran Hound and Group 4 with Mr Stuart Milner judging.  At the end of January Mr John Wiggan (Lodhainn) judged at Lichfield, and Sue Hird's Cloweswood Fagus won BOB with Elaine Day's Demerlay Dorian Grey at Celticmoon winning Res BOB.  Best Puppy was Hoddingrey Terrona.s

M J Girling

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Issue: 18th February 2011

An important change of email address for the Deerhound Club Newsletter Editor: please note that Joan Wragg's email is now - joan.wragg@btinternet.com

Vanessa (Packway) Lucas judged 5 classes at Chichester, and her Best Puppy in Breed was Hoddingrey Strahanna of Erlardawn, who won the Junior class. 'Strahanna' went on to win Best of Breed, so congratulations to all concerned - I don't know anything about the breeding, and am assuming that Elaine Barter is the owner.

At Bromsgrove & District Limited show, Mr Darby made Cloweswood Scilla his BOS in Show, so a nice win for John Francis, D Blatchford & Sue Hird. Three classes at the Isle of Ely open show were judged by Frank Kane, with BOB going to Helga Jansons Ch Nixophel Crystal Amethyst JW ShCM. Amethyst then won the Group, with Mrs Wendy Cross judging. Frank Kane was the BIS judge, and I am sure Helga was delighted when Amethyst went on to win Best in Show. Mrs Brit Brodwell from Norway judged at Belper, with five classes to assess. BOB was Ain't Miss Behavin at Kilbourne from the Limit class; Reserve BOB was Kilbourne Hamlet from Open; and Best Puppy was Kilbourne Wendela - so a very enjoyable day for Mick and Glenis Peach and their Kilbourne hounds. At Lowestoft, Oulton Broad & District Limited Show, Mrs Burton judged two classes with Eyke Shannon's homebred Erewhon Dambuster - aka Rhett, running out BOB. 'Rhett' went on to win Group 3. And Eyke's Lealla Joka went Best Veteran in Show, with Mrs Hitcham the judge.

Everyone will want to send their very best wishes to Mrs 'B' Cassels who has just undergone major heart surgery. Kenneth is coping, although finding the whole process very traumatic. Luckily their daughters have been able to help, and speaking to one of them I was told that B's health had suddenly deteriorated and the options were not good. However, being a doughty fighter 'B' opted to help extend the frontiers of medical science, and as the medical profession were willing to operate, she had the heart operation - never before tried on anyone 'so old' (I think B will be 97 in April!). I reckon if anyone can win through it will be B Cassels - so very many good wishes to B, and to Kenneth and their three daughters.

M J Girling

01206 302072


Issue: 25th February 2011

Best in Show at the 135th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show was a Deerhound! This is definitely a First in more ways than one, and very warm congratulations to Grand Champion Foxcliffe Hickory Wind who was, of course, shown by professional handler Angela Lloyd (and joint owner with her breeder whilst being campaigned).  The equivalent to winning BIS at Crufts, as one American friend said it's 'great news for old friends Ceil and Scott Dove but otherwise this may create a buzz the breed doesn't need'.  We saw Hickory win the American Specialty last year and she is a most beautiful deerhound:  unfortunately the Americans (generally) trim their deerhounds to within a whisker of their skin, but even so she looked very lovely on the move (view via the wonders of the internet, and a static link to the New York Times http://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/16/sports/16best.html?_r=2&hp). 

I'm glad to report that Hickory is playing it cool, turning up her nose at the traditional Filet Mignon served on a silver platter, and apparently sitting quietly as she rode in her limousine van to various television appearances!  Winning Westminster is equivalent to being named Miss America - the victory kicks off a year-long reign in which the dog is whisked from one celebrity appearance to the next! The BIS judge was Paulo Dondina - a hound man, who comes from Italy and who judged our Club Breed Show in 1996. 

Hickory can claim one British grandparent - Heather and Sarah Helps' American Champion Beardswood Freya, who goes back to the Helps' Ch Eiryn and Demelza.  Wow, it is so unusual for a Deerhound to find itself in such a brilliant spotlight - lets hope they all enjoy themselves.

Celebrating our 125th Anniversary is the Deerhound Club, with the Breed Show schedule  posted to all Club members.  Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th April, at Dunston Hall near Norwich, with Robin Spencer and Penny Redmond the judges, and Jean Rhodes the Ref and Sunday classes judge. Entries close 4th March, and if my snail mail is anything to go by, please post in good time. This is the only Open Show where I know Champion Deerhounds are encouraged to enter and to participate in the Parade of Champions on Sunday. It is also a friendly occasion, and your pet deerhound owner can safely come along and show, and meet like minded lovers of the breed.  Schedules are not posted to overseas members, but can be downloaded at  www.deerhound.co.uk see under 'What's New'.  And we know visitors from Europe and America are planning to be with us for the week-end.

I spoke to Kenneth Cassels, who says 'B' is making rather slow progress after major heart surgery.  The family had hoped to organise a move to another hospital closer to home, but B needs a little more time.  I know everyone is putting their money on B to recover in due course - and as far as her medical team are concerned, the operation has been a complete success.  Lots of good wishes to B, and to Kenneth - he sounded much more himself but is obviously still finding it all rather stressful.

M J Girling, 01206 302072


Issue: 4th March 2011

The Secretary of Humberside Hound Show at Costello Stadium HU4 6XQ advises that schedules are now available - entries close 16 March, available from Trish Wells - 01964 542744 or email Kortebin@tiscali.co.uk.  Unfortunately for some, the 16th April is the same day as the Deerhound Club Breed Show.

The Suffolk Agricultural Association two-day show - Deerhound on 2nd June, has a new venue. This means a special, designated dog show area set apart from the Agricultural Show, so it should be nice and peaceful. Unfortunately all dogs are now excluded from the agricultural part of the event, unless they are performing in the main rings.  Apparently all the human visitors to the show are clean and leave no litter, but dogs…

Hound Club of East Anglia schedule is now available - please note that the show is on 21st May, which is a Saturday (there is an error on the cover: the entry form is correct).  With five classes, this is a Deerhound Club supported entry show - schedule from Celia Mortlock, the acting show secretary - 01767 640929, or email: Hertsmerry@tiascali.co.uk and there is also a club website: www.HCEA.co.uk

At Swansea, Dee (Peopleton) Blatchford judged four classes, with Glenda Carr's Kilbourne Oh Suzzanna at Marandike running out BOB, and Owen & Brodie's Wolfscastle Draig BOS and Reserve BOB. I guess Steve & Kathy Codd own Kilbourne Webster at Gazeawhile who won Best Puppy, and Gazeawhile Song was Best Veteran.  At Gloucester, Sandy (Charbonnel) Platt awarded Kilbourne Oh Suzzanna AVNSC Hound Open, Best AVNSC Hound, and Best in Group. And then at Llynfi Valley 'Oh Suzzanna' was Best AVNSC. Mrs Rita Bartlett judged two classes at Horley, where Lord Seafield of Hartvalley won BOB for Jean Gilhooly and Jeannie Morrissey, with Kilbourne Harvey at Lordswell going Res BOB for Gordon and Val Meers. Suffolk KA Limited Show put on 3 classes, with Eyke Shannon's Lealla Is Fearr winning Best of Breed and going on to win Group 3.

M J Girling, 01206 302072


Issue: 11th March 2011

Four classes at Hinckley & District open where Dee Blatchford judged 4 classes.  Best of Breed was won by Mick and Glenis Peach's Ain't Miss Behavin at Kilbourne, who won Post Graduate.  Res BOB was the Bailey's Greyflax Milly Molly Mandy, and Best Puppy in breed with Kilbourne Wendela. Best in Show judge was Miss V Cox, and the winner was. Ain't Miss Behavin at Kilbourne, so many congratulations to Mick and Glenis and the Kilbourne hounds.

An email from Chris Arthur, saying that finally he has got Lynn home again. Lynn found herself trapped in various hospitals for much longer than expected, following heart surgery. Chris says they would like to thank all deerhound friends for their cards and good wishes. Chris says it may be a while before Lynn is doing much travelling, but everyone will want to wish her well soon.

I've only just caught up with Bryan Allwright, who has also been in hospital.  A strip light had failed, so Bryan waits until Pat has gone out and decides he will change it.  The moment she got back home Pat realised something had happened - Mingary - Bryan's deerhound -  was in a panic.  And Bryan was in a heap having fallen off the ladder.  To hospital, as he was in considerable pain.  He had broken his pelvis, but apparently this is something that has to heal up on its own. He is now home, managing to potter about with various sticks and walking frames so lets hope all goes well.  Pat chucked the ladder outside, and someone has 'borrowed' it (hopefully not the local burglar!)

Mrs B Cassels has moved hospitals, but to one in Cambridge which is still tricky for Kenneth to visit.  They now think B had a slight stroke during her heart operation, and this has left her visually impaired.  However, Kenneth rang with strict instructions from B to send love and to thank Deerhound people for kind letters and cards.  As Kenneth said, in a sad and difficult time it all helps, and they are both extremely grateful and very touched. I know everyone will want to continue to send both of them our very best wishes.

M J Girling, 01206 302072



Issue: 17th March 2011

Our Crufts was on Saturday, with Mrs Zola Rawson drawing an entry of 140 Deerhounds. I left my entry at home and thoroughly enjoyed myself, meandering in through the Halls and visiting the Paisey family on the Discover Dogs stand. John Francis & Dee Blatchford had done a nice job decorating the booth, and I hope everyone who represented the breed over the four days of Crufts enjoyed themselves. Good to meet several overseas visitors, including Mrs Nene Runsten Fodstad from Scandinavia, and Mr Jurgen Rosner from Germany. Some will remember Pat and John Parker from Tewkesbury, Scobie was a good coursing hound – their eldest son, Stephen came over with his Otterhound and we had a good natter. It was Julian Parker who had a deerhound, but I do remember Pat worrying over Stephen who was into music and late nights! Judging started at 8.30 am so by the time entries are allowed to leave at 4 in the afternoon, it makes the whole experience very lengthy and exhausting. Among the main winners were Veteran Dog - Peter Bain’s Hillmorton Dazzle (9 years old); Dave and Glenda Adams’ Hydfron Ula for Zandahar ShCM was the Veteran Bitch winner, as well as the Good Citizen bitch class. Puppy Dog was won by Mick & Glenis Peach’s Ellnkayvee Boycee, with the Bitch puppy – Ms Jordan’s Hoddingrey Beeswing taking Best Puppy in Breed. The top honours were a repeat of last year: Heather & Sarah Helps’ Ch Greyfriars Gille of Beardswood won the Dog CC, and Claire & Elise Cartmell’s Ch Drawing Down the Moon to Cusidh won the Bitch CC – and once again ‘Banrigh’went on to win Best of Breed. Rod Gillies’ Dorrator Gethen won the Dog Res CC, and Miss Finnett & Miss Heathcote’s Hyndsight Who’s that Girl won the Bitch R CC. The winner of the Club raffle for a free week-end at the Breed Show Hotel was Kath Westall-Ives, so many thanks to everyone who supported this fund raiser. And not having a dog, I left before the 4 pm rush and had a smooth run home. I wonder if the organisers should consider a sliding scale of departures – required to be present ‘early’, permission granted to leave early. And for all those winners who are now qualified for Crufts 2012 – the judge is Mrs Anne MacDonald.

An email from Glenis & Mick Peach (Kilbourne): “a quick note to say thanks to the deerhound exhibitors at Crufts who contributed to our collection for the Red Cross Japan appeal.  The first news I heard about this event reported that the Red Cross were there on the front line and as I work fund raising for them it made me feel very proud of the people I support.  The amount raised was a staggering £97.00 - our special thanks to Betina Adams who took the hat round. If anyone wants to use our Crufts images for a small fee (cheque made out to the Red Cross please) I will send them the high resolution copy by return.  The photos and Red Cross receipt can be viewed on our site.  We already have another £30 in the pipeline with more to come.” That’s the good news.

The bad news about deerhound exhibitors comes from saluki owners, who were also staying at the Holiday Inn, Warwick. Friday night, several deerhounds were running free on the hotel lawns and the owners (seemingly all female) made no effort whatsoever to pick-up poo, despite being offered a bag. 6.30 on Saturday morning, 3 deerhounds ran through the hotel into the breakfast area – no owner(s) appeared, but the Manager came and apologised. This is very poor behaviour by deerhound owners, and incredibly selfish. Finding dog friendly hotels is not easy, losing goodwill towards canines happens all too easily.

M J Girling
01206 302072

Issue:1st April 2011

Glenis Peach has drawn my attention to an error in the March '11 Kennel Gazette - she is listed as the judge for Richmond: it should read Mr Mick Peach.

A sad note from Judith Grayley whose Lealla Jarlath  (3.11.02-15.3.11) was put to sleep to avoid further suffering with DCM. She writes: 'Jarlath was a quiet, loyal dog who saw me through a very difficult time of my life and he is very much missed by myself and Becky, his greyhound companion. The following incident was typical of him. We were in our local woods one morning and a very bumptious randy collie type came racing up and started to hassle him. He gave a few quiet warnings until the dog actually jumped onto his back. He calmly reached round and grabbed the dog by the scruff of the neck, put him on the ground and placed a large paw on him as if to say "enough is enough". I was so proud of him and the other owner was clearly amazed, I think she had pictured her dog ending up as breakfast!

So sad that these lovely dogs are so short lived.' Alas, it is always so sad losing good friends, but at least Jarlath had a happy life and gave comfort to his mistress. Horsham & District open was held mid-week, with three classes for Mary Ann Stuart (Ollandsheart) to assess. With a dozen hounds present, it made an enjoyable entry for Mary Ann's first judging appointment. BOB was Chris & Joy Wilkinson's Regalflight Boreen at Sireadh, with Res BOB going to Val & Gordon Meer's Kilbourne Harvey at Lordswell. Best Puppy in breed was Finnett & Heathcote's Hyndsight Tempest.

Five classes at the Potteries (Club points show) where Liza Faircloth (Calbraidh) was the judge. Her Best of Breed was Mick and Glenis Peach's Ain't Miss Behavin at Kilbourne who won from the Open class, and the Peach's Kilbourne Wendela won Best Puppy. 'Our' Jocelyn Duddell (Canerikie) was judging the Group, and Ain't Miss Behavin at Kilbourne won Group 3, with Kilbourne Wendela winning Puppy Group 3.

At Great Yarmouth, Gorleston & District open, Rosie (Ashtonbrook) Sharp judged three classes, with Eyke Shannon's Erewhon Dambuster running out Best of Breed.

'We were not misbehaving' is the message I have received back from the deerhounds who were reputedly not behaving nicely at the Holiday Inn, Warwick. The deerhound owner has even gone to the trouble of getting the Manager of the Holiday Inn to send an email to confirm that all is well. Good! The start of the long-distance shows does mean, however, that we will all have to try to be on our best behaviour when away from home. Having written that, almost inevitably it will be one of my dogs who does something ghastly at the Breed Show hotel!

M J Girling, 01206 302072


Issue: 15th April 2011

The awful news of Dave Blackford's premature death was a dreadful shock. I didn't know Dave particularly well, but he and his partner Jeannie Morrissey always entered into the spirit of the occasion, and enjoyed some nice wins showing their 'Hartvalley' hounds. Dave enjoyed the farm walk/hunting for the pot expeditions, and he was always so nice and always helpful - one of those young men that every organisation needs to have.  He was in his mid-forties, and had suffered a stroke about eighteen months ago but he also had to contend with diabetes. I understand he was on the list for a kidney transplant, and had gone into hospital for a routine operation. Very sadly something must have gone wrong. He went into cardiac arrest and despite being revived he eventually slipped into a coma and died on Saturday 2nd April. What a desperately sad time for Jeannie and their daughter Jasmine. I know we will all want to send them our deepest sympathy, and offer whatever support we can. Vanessa Lucas was able to dash down to Devon to help Jeannie, and some of the various dogs have been rehomed.  There is a bossy Deerhound bitch looking to be rehomed.

Dave's funeral is on Monday, 18th April.  1 pm at Rackenford Church, near Tiverton - Ness tells me the church is opposite the pub.  No flowers by request, but donations to the British Heart Foundation or Diabetes UK if wished. The Vicar welcomes Deerhounds into the church, and hopes they will form part of the procession. And after the service everyone is welcome at the Rackenford Club.

Mrs Ann (Sid) Taylor awarded CCs for the first time at Scottish Breeds.  Her Best of Breed was Kath Westall-Ives' Stranwith May, who won Open Bitch and the Bitch CC.  Kay Barret's Stranwith Morag won the Limit Bitch class and the Res Bitch CC - litter sisters, bred by Kay.  The Dog CC was won by Kay's Stranwith Symphony from Limit, and his dam is Morag. The Res Dog CC was won by Derrick and Sheila Hawkins' Kwaricott Asclepius from 2nd in Limit.  Best Puppy was Marshall's bitch, Chanterfield Forget Me Not.

Mrs Val Meers (Lordswell) judged 4 classes at Houndshow Open, and her Best Puppy was Mick and Glenis Peach's Kilbourne Wendela from Junior Bitch.  BOS was the Peach's Kilbourne Hamlet from Open Dog.  Winning Best of Breed was Sandy Platt's Charbonnel Fliss from Open Bitch.  Sandy and her homebred Charbonnel Fliss went on to greater things, winning Best in Show with Mr Frank Borg the BIS judge.  Well done!

Mrs Hammond (Southmead) judged three classes at Herts & Essex Border open show - exhibitors probably know Mrs Hammond best from her stewarding the breed around the Champ Shows, Crufts this year for example.  I know she has admired deerhounds for many years, and I think used to help Cecily Cox once upon a time.  Her BOB was Eyke Shannon's Erewhon Dambuster, with Mary Churchill's Lealla Liath - aka Wedgey - winning Res BOB from Graduate.  Dambuster went on to win Group 4.

Everyone will sympathise with Julie Williams whose Pyefleet Solomon died prematurely.  Her vets give the cause of death as acute myeloid leukaemia, triggered by prostatitis.  Called Solomon because as a puppy he was a rather solomn little man, he grew on nicely and Julie had enjoyed some success in the show ring. He ran a high temperature, and was dead within a fortnight with the result of blood tests arriving too late, even if a diagnosis could have helped.  Solomon was born October 09, by my Pyefleet Percy out of Ch Pyefleet Rokesby. Julie did as much research as she could, and her vets have advised that the condition is not hereditary.  But a deeply distressing experience for all concerned.

Happy Birthday To You - and so we should all sing for Mrs B Cassels who will be 97 on Friday, 15th April. 'B' continues to make amazing progress, although losing her sight during the heart operation has been a blow.  However, she is due to move to a nursing home and Kenneth is now fretting about how B will cope with the different floor levels at home. I am pleased to report that B's mental powers are unimpaired, and she is issuing me orders about the breed show via one of her daughters!  Please keep it up B, and lots of good wishes for a happy birthday.

M J Girling, 01206 302072


Issue: 22/04/2011

Three classes at Newcastle (Staffs) & District open for Mrs Mark Canon (Abayomi) to judge, with BOB going to John Francis, Dee Blatchford & Sue Hird's Cloweswood Scilla, with Miss Taylor's  Kilbourne Woodsman to Ormanstar winning Best Puppy.  Cloweswood Scilla went on to win Best in Group, and Kilbourne Woodsman to Ormanstar won Puppy Group 3.

Then to Kelso where Hound Association of Scotland Ch Show was judged by Mrs Angela Randall.  Best Puppy was the dog, Hyndsight Tempest who went on to win the Reserve Dog CC and he then went on to win Reserve Best Puppy in Show, so congratulations to Hector Heathcote & Sue Finnett.  Winning the Bitch RCC was Kay Barret's Stranwith Morag from Limit. Helga Jansons' Ch Nixophel Crystal Amethyst JW ShCM won the Open class, and the Bitch CC.

 Kwaricott Archimago JW won Open Dog, and then went on to win the Dog Ticket and carried on to take Best of Breed. Warm congratulations to Sheila and Derrick Hawkins as Archimago is their first Kwaricott Champion. 'Teddy' was home bred in January 07, by Ch Regalflight Stormbird out of Hillmorton Delia at Kwaricott.

M J Girling, 01206 302072


Issue: 13/05/2011

The Deerhound Club breed show at Dunston Hall, near Norwich over the week-end of 16th & 17th April proved a resounding success. The hotel made us very welcome, the setting was lovely, and holding the show in a marquee guaranteed the weather was unseasonably dry and warm! Well done and a big thank-you to Sue Piggott who found the venue - and incidentally, also master minded the various special items for sale, and the Favour (a copy of the New Members medal) given to everyone who had dinner on Saturday night. The show marked the celebration of the Deerhound Club's 125th anniversary.

Overseas members from (at least) the USA, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Holland and Australia swelled our numbers, and prior to the AGM on Friday 15th a seminar on the value of DNA testing for single gene genetic disorders was given by Jeff Sampson, the KC Genetic Consultant. Then the AGM, and the retiring President Kenneth Cassels asked the Vice President, Sue Piggott to conduct proceedings. Kenneth has been a charming and supportive President, and everyone was sad that he felt he should stand down, and hopefully a good bottle of whisky will prove an enjoyable 'thank you' gift. The good news is that he was unanimously elected Patron of the Club.  Mrs Cassels continues to make progress, and Kenneth hopes she will soon be home - we wished B a Happy 97th Birthday, and signed a card for her. There was one vacancy on the committee, with 3 new nominations and the existing committee to vote for - Mrs Jocelyn Duddell proved successful. I don't know how the junior handling training class run by Phil Paisey went as it clashed with the AGM.  Several people entered into the spirit of the occasion, wearing period costume for the supper, and rather fewer people were gyrating at the disco.

Show day came rather swiftly, with Mr Robin Spencer judging the Dog entry, and Mrs Penny Redmond judging the Bitch entry. The total entry was over 200, including several NFC and the usual absentees. And because the hotel is not a regular dog show venue, there was the added worry of a visit from a KC Field Officer - who proved very nice, and hopefully approved arrangements. Vanessa Lucas was the show secretary, and was very ably 'assisted' by Cliff Dargonne who seemed tireless! Kim Holt was the show manager, and although Mary Ann Stuart was the Fire & Safety Officer, between them they did a great job as Show Managers. Joyce Bond and I were also involved on the management team. 'Ness Lucas retired after her 3 year stint as show secretary, and at the AGM Mary Ann Stuart was elected to take over from her for the 2012 breed show. Kim & Mary Ann had organised Grooming Bags which residents were handed on arrival, containing a very clear guide to walks, tourist trips, and of course the programme for the week-end. I thought Eyke Shannon's logo looked very stylish on the black nylon bags.

But to the dog show!  Running out the winner of the Breed Show was Claire & Elise Cartmell's Ch Drawing Down the Moon to Cusidh, who won Open Bitch and went on to be Best Bitch. The Reserve Best Bitch was Sue Finnett & Natalie Heathcote's Hyndsight Into the Mystic who was shown by Hector Heathcote to win the Limit class.  The Best Dog was (Ch) Kwaricott Archimago JW for Derrick and Sheila Hawkins. The Reserve Best Dog was Regalflight Prince Quillo of Penherald, owned by Penny Trotman and Kay Dockree. Interesting to note both the top dogs were sired by Ch Regalflight Stormbird. The Best Puppy was Sam Taylor's Kilbourne Woodsman to Ormanstar winning from Puppy Dog.  Trophy winners were: Pentland Model & the Dunlop Hill Trophy for BIS - Drawing Down the Moon to Cusidh;  Enterkine Trophy (Res BIS) and the Rotherwood Cup for BOS - Kwaricott Archimago - aka Teddy.  The Gliska Trophy for Best Puppy - Woodsman (as above).  The Manshay Trophy for Best Special Beginners - Beardswood Niamh at Calbraidh owned by Julian & Liza Faircloth;  and the Marjorie Bell Trophy for BOS Special Beginners - Brian & Ann Ackland & Mr & Mrs Potter's Greyflax Raven. The Ch Isla of Findronach Quaich for Best Yearling was won by Joan Wragg's Neroche Irving; the Thistle Trophy for Best Under 3 years was won by Mick and Glenis Peach's Ellnkayvee Boycee at Kilbourne, and Boycee also won the Allwright Trophy for Best Junior in Show (6-18 months). The beautiful Waterford Cup for best hound over 3 years was won by the BIS winner, Drawing Down the Moon to Cusidh. Sarah and Heather Helps' Ch Beardswood Marmion won Veteran Dog, and Vanessa Lucas & Cliff Dargonne's Sorisdale Mackechnie for Packway won Veteran Bitch.  

The Group Photograph assembled remarkably swiftly prior to dinner, with Terry Pover proving he is not only The Pet Photographer (www.the-pet-photographer.co.uk) but also good with people! He was the official show photographer, and was snapping away for the whole week-end. Andy Buchanan was the Piper, and he piped the committee to our tables and about 200 of us settled down to enjoy the evening. Nell MacBean fell ill during Saturday (possibly novo virus), and thank goodness her assistant Sandra Cummings was able to take over organising the Trophy display and then Presentation, with Robin Spencer presenting the annual trophies, and Penny Redmond doing the honours for Breed Show winners. Disappointing that David Murray wasn't available to announce the winners, but a nice job for me. In addition to a Favour for everyone, each table had a mini-raffle to win a modest deerhound picture. There was huge applause when the overseas members were upstanding, and even greater enthusiasm for Ceil Dove whose Foxcliffe Hickory Wind had recently won Westminster - and had chosen to come and see our deerhounds! More next week

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Issue: 20/05/2011

Breed Show Sunday, and our Piper - Andy Buchanan - piped the hounds for the Champions Parade, and none of the hounds openly wailed although some were tempted! Mrs Jean Rhodes (Gentom) had not been called upon to Referee on Saturday but was now judging her own entry. The Rotherwood Stakes had 25 entries (not all present) and it was Hyndsight Into The Mystic who ran out the winner for Sue Finnett & Natalie Heathcote, with Hector Heathcote the handler. The Special Racing/Lure Coursing class was won by Heather & Sarah Helps' Ch Greyfriars Gille of Beardswood, and the Helps' Ch Beardswood Marmion won the Special Bred by Exhibitor class.  Best Brace was the Drs Cartmell's Cusidh pair, there were nearly 20 braces present in the ring.  Elise and Claire Cartmell's hounds also won the Team class.  John and Pip Buswell's Glenmorlich tribe won the Breeder's Group.  Winner of the Special Not Bred by Exhibitor class was Mick and Glenis Peach's Ellnkayvee Boycee at Kilbourne.  Junior Handling was won by Sophie Lloyd (aged 11) who pipped her sister Emma (aged 11) but I understand from the judge that it was a close run thing.  Adult Handling was won by John Francis.  I need to thank the Lloyd family, as they found one of my hounds wandering about on the lawn outside my room - my clever device to let air into the room via the French windows had easily been nosed open, they returned the wanderer and secured the door.
I thought Kim Holt and Mary Ann Stuart excelled themselves as Show Managers - Mary Ann had baked a super fruit cake - well three fruit cakes, making a 125 Anniversary cake and beautifully iced, with deerhound medallions decorating the surround. I had some with my coffee and it was scrumptious. The Girls had also organised a fine display of deerhound history photographs, and had created baskets of local goodies - amongst other things - for the Judges gifts.  Kim designed and had made some sturdy ring markers that can be collapsed for storage - very clever.  So a big thank you to them, and also to members who donated cash for super Rosettes, and to those who gave special prizes for all the classes. Royal Canin offered sponsorship, and each winner won some of their dog food.  The raffle received generous support both from donors and ticket buyers - impressive how Cliff Dargonne managed to organise the draw and display of prizes.  I don't know the name of the winner of the Dicksee print which was raffled through the Club Newsletter - raising £300, and donated by Mr Mike Herwin (who just happened to be stewarding us at Birmingham Ch Show). He was delighted it had proved so successful, and the print was in an appropriate frame provided by John Williams.  All the Club garments were enhanced by a logo designed by the late and sorely missed Sheena Reynolds, and it was very good to see her eldest daughter - Victoria - offering us an opportunity to buy some of Sheena's art. Trying to thank everyone involved in running the week-end is a challenge - a huge number of people did come and help, and without everyone's help and support the show could not happen.  So a big thank you to all the helpers, not forgetting Toby Smith who did a cheerful job marshalling entries in the collecting ring. The hotel and staff could not have been more helpful, although eating the Saturday dinner 'lamb' proved very challenging!  The overseas members found Norwich easy to access, and speaking for the large contingent of Club members who live in East Anglia - hurrah for a show we could reach without dicing with the M25 or driving for hours.  The fourth East Anglian breed show in over forty years, and it must be agreed it was a lovely week-end.

Mrs Gill Smith (Nimloth) judged at WELKS, and her Best Puppy was Sam Taylor's male - Kilbourne Woodsman to Ormanstar. The Bitch CC was won by Sue Finnett & Natalie Heathcote's Hyndsight Who's That Girl, with the Res CC going to Sandy Platt's Charbonnel Fliss. The Reserve Dog CC was won by Kim Owen & Zoe Brodie's Wolfscastle Draig with the winner from Limit Dog, Derrick and Sheila Hawkins' Kwaricott Asclepius taking the Dog CC. 'Darcy' went on to win Best of Breed so congratulations to Sheila & Derrick as their litter brother Archimago (Teddy) has just gained his crown.  I think this is Darcy's first paw on the ladder -  they were born in January 07, by Ch Regalflight Stormbird out of Hillmorton Delia at Kwaricott.

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