The Bateson Inquiry


As promised in the Spring 2009 Newsletter The Deerhound Club Committee has responded in the time required to the Bateson Inquiry.

The Committee felt the questions were biased against all pedigree dogs.

Considerable deliberation and discussion was given to each question, to avoid making errors in responding to the questions relating to pedigree dogs and those relating to other canines.

Much of the information the inquiry is asking for is readily available in Kennel Club registration records, and at The Animal Health Trust and The Royal Veterinary College.

The Committee felt a National disease register for all canines would be useful for everyone.

We would draw your attention to the article which was published in Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica which can be accessed via our club web site under Health Matters entitled “ An article of interest”

This article helped formulate some of our replies

.The final paragraph of the Scottish Kennel Club Letter is especially relevant.

The Deerhound Club Committee 9th May 2009


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