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Dear All,

The Kennel Club and Royal Canin are welcoming dog breeders to a stimulating series of educational seminars on health issues, breeding practices and scientific developments which will help breeders and their puppy rearing programmes. 

A number of highly regarded professionals in the world of canine health will be taking part in these seminars. Speaker details are just being confirmed and will be updated as soon as possible.

The cost of each day will be £25 per person, which includes: morning refreshments, a buffet lunch, afternoon refreshments and a delegate pack . There is a £5 discount for Assured Breeders.

 To book onto this seminar, please download a booking form

Anybody who has an interest in breeding dogs, from experienced breeders to first time breeders there is something of interest for all.  

The next seminars are on Saturday 19-20th July at Nottingham University and the time table for these can be found below.

Saturday 19th July
Speaker One: Dr Tom Lewis - The science behind Mate Select and population Genetics principles
Speaker Two: Professor Gary England - Reproduction and fertility in the bitch
Speaker Three: Professor Gary England - Reproduction in the male dog and artificial insemination
Speaker Four: Mr Alex German - Obesity in pets - what dog owners need to know

Sunday 20th July
Speaker One: Mr Nick Sutton - Common canine poisons - Common risks for poisoning in dogs
Speaker Two: Ms Eleanor Raffen - Diabetes in dogs
Speaker Three: Dr Nicholas Bexfield - Understanding liver disease in dogs
Speaker Four: Dr Nicholas Bexfield - Canine tumours; an overview of some common types and breed predispos

Information on further seminars around the country are now available on the website.

If you would like any further information regarding this year’s seminars please do not hesitate to contact me (

Kind regards


Fay Moore
Seminars and Events Co-ordinator.
The Kennel Club
Tel: 0207 518 1067


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