Nottingham University Survey of GD and GDV (Bloat) in deerhounds


For details of this see the Nottingham University Bloat Survey in the Health Group Report. The survey form is in the process of being emailed to all UK members. Since this has been done there has been a rethink, and the original survey has been converted to an editable pdf form, which can be downloaded, edited and emailed direct to Nottingham University. The form can also be filled in by hand and posted, as was the original plan, and has therefore replaced the original posted version, although this can still be used if you wish to post the completed survey. People who are submitting surveys for multiple dogs will find the editable form quicker and much cheaper!

The introduction by Mark Dunning of Nottingham University can be found here

The pdf form can be found here

Some notes from the webmaster:

The pdf form can either be filled in using your browser, then save to your PC or other device, or the blank form can be saved to you machine, then opened and edited with pdf viewing software then saved.

In both cases the form should then be emailed to Nottingham University. Note that the completed document is saved as a pdf file not in any other format.

Some people will experience problems.

First,in my testing the form can be edited in Internet Explorer and Chrome, but not in Firefox or Safari, the last of which is predominantly used in Apple products, i.e. Mac, Ipad etc. So in this case the form will have to be saved to the desktop and opened with a suitable pdf viewer.

However, not all pdf viewers are compatible with editable pdf forms. If there is a compatibility issue the usual result is that the form is viewable, but the forms cannot be edited. I have found that problems usually occur with Apple products and mobile phones of all types.

In case of difficulty, the form can always be opened and edited in Adobe Reader which is usually present on most PCs. This can be downloaded for free for all platforms, and I have checked it out on the Iphone, Samsung Galaxy and Ipad, and it works fine.

It is worth a little effort to get this to work, as we may very well use this technique again. If you have any problems, drop me an email.

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