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Puppy Co-ordinator

The Puppy Coordinator is 'Spring' Spring-Arnold. His contact email is

Deerhound Club Members who wish to add a litter to the Deerhound Club Register should fill in the form here and forward to Spring.

Members have to be 3 years as paid up members before their puppies can
be added to this list.

It is a condition for inclusion on this list that puppies will be KC registered , liver shunt tested, inoculated and micro chipped. Puppies usually go to their new homes at around 12 weeks, and 10 weeks should be regarded as a minimum.

The Deerhound Club is not providing any particular endorsements or making any specific recommendations. It is the responsibility of the prospective purchaser and breeder to ensure that both parties are satisfied with any impending sale.

The purpose of the information provided is to offer prospective puppy purchasers the choice of who they contact, and not for the Deerhound Club to make a recommendation

There may be other puppies available not qualified for inclusion on the list or whose breeders have chosen not to include them.

All puppies on the Deerhound register are listed in date of birth order:

Breeder: Vanessa Lucas (Packway)
Location: E. Sussex
Contact Tel: 07941602913
01273 517314
Contact email:

Date of Birth: 05/05/19
Dog puppies: 5
Bitch puppies: All booked

Further information available from the breeder.

Breeder: Ms MA & Ms K Stuart and Holt (Ollandsheart)
Location: Norfolk
Contact Tel: 07525 688242
Contact email:

Date of Birth: 08/04/19
Dog puppies: 3
Bitch puppies: 0

Further information available from the breeder.